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Social Connection: Where Real Impact is measured not by possibilities, but by tangible results.

It isn’t something left to chance or attained by accident. It comes through innovation and creative strategy. It takes an understanding of trends and a proven track record to turn a vision into results.

Bringing more than a decade of measured success helping businesses achieve greater impact, Social Connection guarantees real marketing results to businesses in need of a boost.

Social media marketing can be a challenging landscape to navigate. Too many businesses find themselves paying for marketing campaigns that never produce. We bring a fresh approach to digital marketing. It starts with care.

We care about your goals. By understanding your business needs and goals, we are able to analyze the trends and markets that can help power your business to lasting success. We are so confident in our results-focused approach, that we are the only social media agency who guarantees results, or we’ll work for free!

The foundation of our confident approach is the team of dedicated professionals we bring to the table. With expertise in creative content and navigating the complicated world of online marketing, we deliver results ranging from 3 times to 30 times your campaign spending. And with no locked-in contracts, you enjoy the freedom and flexibility you deserve from your marketing solutions.

It’s time you start demanding more from your marketing. Social Connection will help you turn impact into real results with campaigns and strategies that really work. Don’t leave it to chance anymore. Experience the difference that innovation, creativity, and proven strategies can make for your business. Social Connection is where real impact starts.

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Art social media marketing campaign

We took Gioia from $40k pm in sales to over $155k pm in sales in 3 months. Increased conversions from 0.6% to 1.4% which doubled their revenue in 2 weeks. 

electrolux social media marketing

Electrolux engaged us to improve their brand awareness and increase their leads. We we’re able to to achieve 200% increase in leads and 270% increase in traffic. 

lead gen social media campaign

We partnered up with ADACS to implement a digital advertising strategy that generated over a 100 leads in 30 days. 

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The Only Agency That Offers A Guarantee – Results or We Work For Free

Social Connection Is a Social Media Agency with a difference. Our primary focus is helping your business maximise revenue by capitalizing on sales conversions, in addition to driving ready to buy customers to your brand using proven social media marketing strategies.

Unlike other marketing agencies, we know that likes and comments don’t pay the bills. That’s why we focus on the important stuff more LEADS & SALES.

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Social Connection

Our Social Media
Marketing Process

1. Market Research

Introductions are first. We get to know your business and core services/products, conduct extensive market research and analyse your competitor’s strategy, to ensure you’re placed ahead of your competitors.

3. Scale Your Business

We develop and implement a long term strategy that is tailored to suit your brand’s goals, with a focus on driving leads, sales and conversions. We continue to develop our strategy and implementation to ensure your business booms.

2. Quick Wins

Our core strength lies in achieving quick results for our clients. By going after low hanging fruit, we’re able to drive keen customers to your business in a short amount of time.

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Our Social Media Agency services based in Melbourne are perfect for brands looking to generate more quality leads, sales and online brand recognition. We use cutting edge social media strategies to drive the right types of customers and fans to your brand. Our social media campaigns involve consumer research, market analysis and strategic planning to deliver outstanding results for your marketing spend.

Need to achieve better results for your ad spend? Our social media advertising packages will help you reach the right audience easier and more efficiently. We help increase conversions and reduce cost per customer acquisition by developing compelling social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Snapchat & YouTube.

Whether you’re looking for a social media marketing package that fits within your budget and goals or looking for something more tailored, we’ve got your covered! Our social media marketing agency helps Melbourne businesses be more successful online with our effective marketing packages.

Our world class social media management services will completely transform your brand’s online presence. We create captivating content that will drive better user engagement, more likes, more comments, which will ultimately result in greater sales. Try our social media management packages, you will be amazed!


Using A Social Media
Marketing   Agency

Social media marketing is one of the most critical marketing strategies for brands today. According to prominent marketing leader Hubspot, 92% of all marketers believe social media boosts brand visibility, credibility and sales, if done right.


Online Marketing is a fantastic way for your brand to stand out and be memorable. New potential customers are savvy and constantly on the look out for new brands with great content. Being visible and engaging will help attract these potential customers to your brand.


Online Marketing is a fantastic way for your brand to stand out and be memorable. New potential customers are savvy and constantly on the look out for new brands with great content. Being visible and engaging will help attract these potential customers to your brand.


A strategic social media management solution will offer your brand advantage over your competitors. We will help you create compelling content that will leave your competitors envious.


Attracting more sales and leads for your brand is what we do at Social Connection. Using a proven marketing model will allow us to engage with your potential customers via social media and drive them to your website.

Social Media Agency Melbourne & Sydney
Social Media Management Services

Social Connection is committed to assisting your brand in research, strategy and implementation of effective social media marketing strategies that allows for meaningful connection with your potential customers in the digital landscape. We will ensure your brand message attracts the attention of potential customers, key influencers and position you as a leader in your industry.

We will assist your brand by refining your message and offering an integrated digital marketing package that demonstrates effectiveness and solid return on investment.


Social Media Marketing Agency for Small Business

Social Connection is a leading marketing agency that can help create a specifically tailored social media presence for a small business.

Social media marketing can boost awareness and sales for your small business. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can be used to communicate with existing customers and to attract new ones. Social media facilitates content sharing and engagement, allowing a business to connect with customers and respond to feedback and queries.  This can help a business build a good reputation, which will increase referrals and recommendations between friends. 

People are increasingly turning to social media when choosing new products and services, using the content and reviews of a business to compare and select the best option. For this reason, social media should be fully integrated into a marketing plan to help a small business stand out from the crowd. 

Social Connection's


Digital Marketing Agency
Social Media Content Creation Agency

It has been established that social media has become mandatory for all businesses. Having a strong online presence is a crucial element of your marketing strategy. Brands are investing more time in social media marketing, as it has proven to be highly effective and beneficial.

However, it is becoming more difficult for brands to stand out as competition increases. Therefore, it is important to be aware and keep up with the latest social media management trends so you can fortify your marketing strategy.

In 2018, video will continue to grow in importance. Video is one of the most valuable formats for brands to leverage as it elicits high engagement rates. In addition to this, ephemeral content will be big this year.

Brands should focus on short-lived content like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram stories. Such content allows you to share authentic, real-time content, thus increasing engagement among your followers. It is also safe to say that augmented reality isn’t going anywhere. You can reach your target audience in a niche and engaging way by simply incorporating augmented reality into your marketing strategy.


Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies integrate a variety of online and other digital technologies to create and share promotional material for businesses. Digital marketing techniques can include online and offline digital content creation, social media platforms and websites, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), online advertising, and direct marketing through emails and mobile devices. 

A digital marketing agency can help promote a business and generate sales by implementing a holistic digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing campaigns can expand overall reach, using a range of channels and techniques to specifically target different segments of a customer base.

Beyond the scope of traditional marketing, digital marketing can create interactive, versatile and measurable marketing that is tailored for your business. 

Social Connection's


A social media marketing agency markets your business via social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest). Social media marketing is a highly effective way for brands of various sizes to connect and build meaningful interactions with their audience and potential customers. Marketing your business with social media is crucial, in order to successfully compete with other brands and stay up to date with the latest trends.

Every business can benefit from social media marketing. Online marketing can be used to boost your website’s SEO and help drive targeted traffic. It is also the best tool to connect with customers and to build a strong brand image, which results in increased brand loyalty. With the power of digital marketing, your company will discover customers you didn’t know existed and vice versa. These customers will be more likely to buy from you, thereby increasing sales.

There are many ways to incorporate online marketing into your company’s marketing strategy. It can be done so by utilizing various social platforms, e.g. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


o Connect with your followers by being creative with your content (photos and videos).

o Interact with your followers by replying to comments so as to increase engagement.

o Utilise relevant hashtags and repurpose content from other relevant accounts to create instant engagement.


o Make use of the tools (pages, ads and groups) available to broaden customer base.

o Pages can be used to let your customers receive updates in their news feed.

o You can create ads targeted at specific demographics and geographical areas. Ads have powerful targeting parameters.

o Facebook groups can be used to reach out to potential customers. Groups are like discussion forums but with additional features.


o Create high-quality engaging videos to capture your audience’s attention.

o Hosting contests can offer you a lot of cross-promotion.

Social Connection develops a unique and results focused marketing strategy that is not only geared to grow your business fast but can also reach your target audience more efficiently and at lower costs. Social Connection’s marketing strategy can also increase your brand awareness and reach new customers that are struggling to find you and increase your website conversion.

Our social media marketing agency invests a lot of time in strategic planning so everything aligns with your business objectives and goals. We also have a team of experts who specialise in creating quality content (videos and photos) that increase your brand awareness, sales and customer loyalty.

We’re specialists across a multitude of social media platforms which include:

  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing

We’re specialists across a multitude of social media platforms which include:

  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing

Social Connection is an innovative Social Media Agency in Melbourne & Sydney that can help your business by increasing conversions on your website and social media profiles. We can help increase your reach, engagement and leads by targeting the right audience, we don’t lock you in any contract and ensure you will see results within the first 90 days of working with us.

We have years of experience in social media marketing and can answer all your queries. We also provide expertise in planning and strategising so that you don’t have to spend so much time doing it yourselves. Hiring our marketing agency will definitely save you time and will help generate interest in your business. It is our job to bring a return on your investment.

The amount our services cost depend on a number of factors including your industry, competition and how fast you want to grow your business. Our services are highly customised to suit your exact needs. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss what options best suit your business!

Any credible social media agency should provide their clients with guarantees to ensure they deliver on their promise. Our guarantee is to increase your brand awareness, engagement and website traffic in less than 90 days.

Unlike other agencies we don’t outsource our work. We like to keep quality control over everything we do to ensure we deliver high quality work to all our clients.

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