Should You Hire a Video Production Company?

Statistics show that people watch more than one billion hours of videos on YouTube each day, and 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. This indicates a huge advertising opportunity for businesses.

At this day and age, videos are no longer optional! Not having a video strategy in 2017 is equivalent to not having a digital strategy in 2000. Videos are the perfect way to showcase your brand to your customers as they establish emotional engagement with your target audience. Why not hire a video production company today? It can save you a lot of time and effort.

In order to succeed, the team at Social Connection begins by developing a strong video strategy for your brand. We will work closely with your brand to identify and target the right audience, and determine the suitable editing style and message to achieve your company’s desired outcome. A research will be conducted to identify the target audience, as well as your competition. In addition, your video needs to capture your audience’s attention quickly, hence it is crucial to develop a content plan. To do this, we utilise storyboards to brainstorm and merge ideas to work towards your vision and goals for the video. When planning video content, we take into consideration the feel, tone and details of your brand. A video distribution plan is also developed so as to prepare how the video content will be used, shared and made known to the relevant audience.

Here at Social Connection, we believe in ‘quality over quantity’ for videos. The video production process at Social Connection involves coming up with creative approaches to turn customer insights into artistic expression. By combining the best videography equipment and professional editing, we create a tailor-made masterpiece for your brand.

Below are some video recommendations for achieving certain goals:

  •      Increase engagement: About Us/ Introduction Videos
  •      Drive Traffic: Event Promos/ Recaps
  •      Converting Leads: Video Ads, Educational Videos
  •      Closing Sales: Testimonials & Case Studies, Product Videos

Video is one of the most versatile digital marketing tools out there. Hiring a video production company would definitely ease the process of integrating video marketing into your business! Here are 5 reasons why your company should integrate video marketing right now:

  1. Video Generates Sales and Boosts Conversions

Video can lead directly to sales. Research shows that 74% of users who watched a product-explainer video subsequently purchased the product. Adding a product video to your landing page can essentially improve conversion rate by 80%.

  1. Video Builds Engagement

Video content has strong engagement in comparison to other content formats. Study shows that audiences are 10 times more likely to engage with and share a video than any other content types. Video content is likely to ignite emotions and foster trust.

  1. Video Promotes Brand

By conveying the right message in your video, it can help promote your brand and make you increasingly popular. Video marketing is also the ideal tool to strengthen your brand identity and improve brand recall by incorporating various elements to make the video memorable.

  1. Google Loves Videos

Video lets visitors to spend a longer time on your brand’s website. This exposure builds trusts and signals search engines that your site has good content. As a result, your website is 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if a video is embedded on your website! Optimising your videos on YouTube for SEO is crucial.

  1. Video and Social Media

Regardless of your industry or your brand’s target audience, a large portion of your potential buyers are on social media. Well-planned videos allow your brand to connect with the audience time and time again to drive awareness and engagement effectively.

Why Your Business Should Focus on Video Marketing

The trend of integrating video content marketing has increased rapidly and significantly. This is simply due to the change in media consumption habits. Research has shown that video is estimated to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Video marketing is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand forms of the marketing right now. It should be the newest addition to your brand’s promotion toolbox.

Video content marketing is defined as a strategic marketing approach that is based on creating and distributing valuable video content to the target audience. Effective video marketing focuses on creating video content that is useful, entertaining and encourages customer engagement. By using video marketing, your company can attract, engage and convert leads.

The marketing funnel acts as a guide when planning video content. Video content can be used to generate awareness, educate and/or help your potential customers make purchase decisions. By keeping buyers’ needs and wants in mind, we can drive profitable customer action to your website by creating high quality video content. Video marketing is highly beneficial to your company as it can be used to strengthen SEO for your business. Consistent content quality is also necessary for Google rankings. In addition, integrating video content helps build relevance and authority over time. Studies have shown that by adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300%.

We live in a world where almost everyone owns a smartphone. People enjoy watching videos on the go. Video marketing certainly captures a wide audience. The higher the number of smartphone users, the bigger the video audience. It is true that video is super easy to consume. Research has shown that 98% of users watched an explainer video to learn about a product or service. People nowadays are too busy to have time to read long product descriptions or dig deep into services. Customers want to see the products in action. Hence, having a video for your brand, product or service is crucial at this day and age.

People are constantly loaded with information they cannot process. Videos are certainly easier on the eyes and brain. You can create an impact by sending a message across to your target audience through video marketing. Additionally, it is also important to produce high quality videos. No one wants to watch low-quality videos. Higher quality videos will see higher engagement and drive better results to your brand.

Video has 4 powers: Attention, Emotion, Perceived Value, and Clarity.

  1. Attention

Getting your audience’s attention may be difficult especially when the information delivered is in the form of writing. It is not the same case for video, as good video content captures and captivates the customers’ attention.

  1. Emotion

The combination of visuals and sound evoke emotions much more effectively. Video is the perfect tool to connect with your audience and to get them to take action.

  1. Perceived Value

There is no doubt that video is more difficult to produce. Therefore, your audience will notice when your company decides to share a video. They will give you more time, contact information, and even pay more when videos are used. The perceived value of video can also give a major growth in organic website traffic.

  1. Clarity

Video is a great tool to help your audience to understand your message, or to break down a complicated product or service. People learn at a faster pace when information is delivered verbally and visually.

To ensure that video will generate great benefits to your company, we must always start by implementing an effective video strategy. Get in touch with us today to get started!

Social Media Marketing For the Travel Industry

People make decisions on tourism and travel based on the information available to them. Social media has transformed the way people communicate with specific attention to their access to information and sharing it among their associates. Elements like commenting, liking, sharing, reacting, double-tapping, etc are now the metric used to measure the amount of fun people are having with tourism attractions.

The ‘real time’ element of social media also allows friends to follow your travel and vacation and judge the kind of experience you are having. If this is the case, how can hotels and attractions harness the power of social media to their advantage?


  • Show The Experience

People today are more interested in the experience as opposed to material goods. Social media has a way of hyping the experience. The best experience will attract the highest level of engagement. People will like, share, retweet, comment, react, double-tap, etc on the post of a person who seems to have the best experience.

It is upon the attractions and travel companies to emphasis on the kind of experience people are having on their platforms. People engage about the experience which attracts more people to your location.


  • Influencers

Social media today is about the person with the highest number of followers, most comments, most likes, etc. It is also about the person whose post can go viral. This is where you take advantage of popular social media users to promote your brand. Influencers enable you to tap into their networks and improve your visibility.

They also endorse your product and create a buzz around it. This will result in increased sales and brand recognition.


  • Tap Into The Social Ecosystem

Social media has been proven to influence the decisions people make about buying. This is supported by the understanding that social media is an ecosystem. It is a place where people and decisions are influenced by what others are doing or saying. If a friend has a nice shoe that you love, you will inquire about the brand, where it was bought, the price, etc with the aim of purchasing a similar one.

Tour and travel companies need to tap into this ecosystem. Some of the social media elements you can use include location, images, ‘live’, videos, etc. The fact that hundreds of millions access social media on daily basis and are logged in at all times increases the chances of visibility.


  • Point Of Contact

When people see the experience other people are having on social media, they want to get more details. This is your opportunity to covert by being available on social media. Have an account where people can turn to whenever they need information about your tour company or a destination.

Be ready to answer through inbox, comments, chats, etc. They should not struggle going to your website and having to call. If you are available at their finger tips, you will get that business.

Social media has a ‘real time’ element that will transform fortunes for your attraction or travel company. Take advantage of the features provided to increase visibility and improve contact with potential clients. Use a reliable social media agency in Melbourne as a source of information and be ready to convert inquiries into business.

Social Media For The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is about the experience you give your customers. Coincidentally, social media gives the customer an opportunity to assess that experience and share it with friends. Social media today is more about liking or disliking something. What is good is made viral while the bad ignored. How can social media be a tool for the hospitality industry to boost its business?


  • Customer Review

Social media allows people to share images, videos and even feelings on a particular location. This is a marketing tool for any hospitality industry brand. Giving your customers a chance to review and make public their feeling will transform the perception of patrons and win more business.

The social media ecosystem is heavily reliant on influence. People are making decisions based on what their friends think or have done. By offering excellent services to a few customers, they will broadcast their experience and in the process attract more patrons.


  • Engaging

Social media gives the hospitality industry a chance to engage its patrons and potential customers. Engagements are through regular updates, comments, likes, sharing, etc. You may also engage customers in a survey to determine the kind of experience they want or they have gotten from your joint.

The sensitivity of the hospitality industry means that a positive vibe will attract more people. The fact that you are engaging means that you are ready to meet the customer halfway. This is the kind of treatment many of these customers are looking for.


  • Inquiries

Customers have questions that they would like answered in real time. For instance, a customer traveling will turn to social media to locate an accommodation provider. He will settle for this provider only if he is ready to answer questions instantly, for instance in the inbox.

The instant or real time nature of social media helps brands to address the concerns of customers and potential clients within the shortest time. This will build confidence in your hospitality brand and thus make you more attractive.


  • Trending

Do you want to notify the world about your new brand? Get it on social media. Create an impressive image or video and be ready to see it go viral. Images and videos that trend increase the popularity of a place. For a post, image or video to trend, it must not be deliberate.

At time, you will just be surprised by the reception what you thought was an ordinary post or comment receives. You may also turn to memes and animations that will pass your message. The hospitality industry will benefit immensely from being the talk of ‘social media town’.


It is impossible for the hospitality industry to ignore the power of social media marketing in building its brand. You need expert assistance to maximize on the potential of social media. This is minimalist investment that produces huge returns. As people look for the best experience in the hospitality industry, social media is positioned to provide real time and instant answers at a fraction of the conventional cost.

Is Your Ideal Customer On Instagram?

Brands are advised to move with the trend. One of the marketing channels that are making fortunes for brands is social media. Even with the demand to be trendy in your marketing, it is not an invitation to join every band wagon. You should only do so after establishing that the platform will give you excellent value for money. Your ideal customer might not even be on social media. How can you establish whether your customer is on Instagram and how much to invest on the platform? Here are excellent tips to consider.


  • Age

The age of your clientele determines communication trends and social media interactions. Instagram is more about photos and videos with filters that are an attraction to the younger generation.

If your products target seniors or an older generation, investing in Instagram marketing is not the best option. Instagram marketing would be idea for the younger generation that tech savvy and looking for trendy ways to communicate.


  • Communication Mannerism

How do clients engage with your brand in communication? This is important in determining the platforms where you invest and how much you get as return on investment. Clients who prefer images would be pleased to engage on Instagram. However, if their preference is detailed text, it will be a challenge to accommodate them on Instagram.

Further, there are features like links that are discouraged on Instagram. Is you intend to send them to your home page, this is not the best social media option to consider. Only choose Instagram if you think that it is your most preferred mode of communicating with your clients.


  • Nature Of Your Product

How do you market your product? Is it enough to show a video or image to attract or serve your customers? Goods are perfect when sold on Instagram since you can upload their images. It will be difficult to sell services on such a social media platform. A product for seniors will also not fit on Instagram because potential clients will not access it.

Service providers who need to explain their products to customers will find Instagram challenging to use. A tour company or an attraction site will, however, find Instagram to be the best social media marketing platform. A professional social media marketing company will direct you on the choices to make in marketing in order to obtain value for money.


  • Type Of Customer

Customers come in diverse variety. Some are individuals while others are corporate organizations or businesses. This determines whether social media marketing, and especially Instagram, is your best bet. Corporate organizations rarely search on social media for clients or service providers.

It would also be easier and cost effective to approach these corporate organizations directly other than using social media. Social media best fits clients who need direct engagement and can make a decision instantaneous.

There are ways to determine whether your clients are using Instagram marketing agency services and other social media platforms. Conduct a survey on the most effective communication strategy. Be conscious of their communication trends and understand your product well.

How To Research Your Target Audience On Instagram & Facebook


Social media networks are the most effective tools in the recent past to attract customers. However, it is not automatic that your presence on social media, and especially on Facebook and Instagram will translate to capture of your preferred clients. It will be a waste of time and resources to be on social media if you will be engaging the wrong people. Knowing your customers also helps you to maximize on your interactions. Here are sure ways to research and identify your perfect audience on social media.


  • Know Your Customer

This is the fundamental question in any marketing and engagement campaign. Do not join Facebook or Instagram if your idea customer is elsewhere. Social media users fall into a certain age bracket, communicate in a particular way and would love to be engaged through such platforms.

Remember that engaging and interacting with women, men, seniors, corporate world, etc is different. As such, their presence and searches on social media will also vary.


  • Size Of Audience

Social media is a platform for the masses. If you are targeting a large number of people, this is the perfect platform. Instagram metrics will indicate the number of people following you, liking your comments and updates, tapping on your images, etc. These engagement sizes indicate the size that is interested in your product.


  • Engagement Behavior

People engage on social media for different reasons and at different times. Form your posts or update, you can determine whether they are prolific in engaging, seasonal, or prefer personal engagement in your inbox.

You will also note the most appropriate time to engage, which could be early morning, evening, weekend, over holidays, etc. If your followers are too many on these platforms, devise a plan strategy to enable you reach to each of them. If they are too few, you need to increase their number in order to increase your value for money.


  • Conduct A Survey

Each customer has individual desires and expectations on social media. The customer is at the best position to communicate these desires or expectations more than any other person.

Find a way to conduct a survey that helps you establish how best to serve the clients on social media. They will also give an indication of the best way to communicate to them. There are free tools for conducting surveys on social media. You may also opt for a customized setup that is integrated with your account or social media page.


  • Engage Directly and Use Their Networks

Experts on social media indicate that anyone who follows a brand on social media is interested in it and thus a potential customer.

To understand them and their needs, engage directly through deliberate posts and others that can be shared so that friends also contribute. Read through their comments on your updates to understand their feeling about your brand. The engagement should not be an exercise in futility. Make the adjustments they have proposed.

Investing in social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram requires understanding of your audience. This enables you to produce target campaigns that deliver excellent value for money. Return on investment depends on how well and detailed your plan is.

How To Attract Attendants For Your Event Using Social Media

Social media has been used to mobilize participants for all manner of events. It is one of the most effective and cost friendly option. However, getting participants to your events using social media is not automatic. You need a strategy that is also professionally executed. Here are ways you can use to market your event using social media.

  • Increase Your Followers

Your message on social media will only reach your number of followers. As such, you can predict the number that will get the message by looking at the followers you have.

If the number of followers is sizable, you can expect a good response and attendance. If the number is minimal, the attendants will be few. By increasing followers on social media, many people will get the information and attend.

  • Engage Your Followers

Events are usually live. A social media account that is always dormant will not capture the attention of any follower. You need to engage your followers in order to capture their attention. They will notice you and consider your brand alive and serious. About the event, you may introduce a competition that comes with a giveaway.

Many will participate and be curious about the event. As awareness and competition for the give away increases, the urge to participate grows. Eventually, your event becomes the talk of town and attracts more people.

  • Use Videos

Videos serve as one of the most effective and engaging marketing tools. Produce a high quality video that can easily be shared and broadcast on social media. Video gives you a chance to use diverse languages to reach more people. Further, with video, you can communicate without using any language and still be understood.

Videos are easy to share on phones, and thus will still invite people beyond social media. Animations are another video alternative. Their size is minimized yet will easily go viral and communicate the intended message.

  • Viral Memes

Memes are the latest social media craze. Find a picture that can describe your event and caption it effectively. It will be shared widely on social media and thus effectively advertise your event.

You may even use the development of the best meme about your event as a way to engage your potential audience. The winner gets a free entry or a related give away. Be cautious on copyrights and instances where the meme backfires.

  • Let The Event Tread

Begin a hashtag that will generate conversations about the event. Other ways to make your event to trend include using images and videos. Utilize the networks of your followers or an engaging activity that causes people to share, comment, like, etc.

When more people are talking about your event, it will attract a larger crowd.

By keeping people engaged and building up towards the event using social media, you will attract more participants. Open the discussion by allowing people to comment, like, share, etc.

Be creative in developing your content such that it sells your event effectively. Use friends and followers to spread the word or use a social media management service that will help you achieve these results faster and more effectively.

Benefits Of Using Social Media To Grow Your Lifestyle Brand

Brands are reaping huge returns from investing in social media marketing. Social media has turned start-ups into multi million dollar brands. This is a reality that any brand can actualize especially the lifestyle based brands. How does social media transform your lifestyle brand and what benefits do you stand to gain?


  • Cost Effective

Setting up a social media account is free of charge. It is also free to post, comment, like, tweet, tap, and perform all other social media engagement functions. This is unlike other conventional marketing avenues where you have to pay a hefty sum to engage potential clients. Behind a desk or even on your phone, you can post images that are viewed by a million people in minutes. You can also answer their questions and concerns, which is an incredible way to keep them in your fold. It costs far less to market on social media compared to conventional methods.

  • Target Reach

Social media gives you an opportunity to reach as many people specific people as possible. Research has established that people only follow brands they are interested in on social media. As such, the people you interact with on social media will already have developed interest in your brand. Further, social media is an eco system where decisions are influenced by friends and people we follow. Your account will only have people waiting for your products and not your rivals. As such, you will be dealing with a specific audience other than casting your net anonymously, hoping to capture unknown persons.

  • Instant Response

People are always on social media, 24/7. This means that your updates, posts or comments will capture their attention instantly. For instance, if you are launching a product, you will receive feedback instantly. This is important for brands because it gives you a chance to understand the raw feelings and reactions of your customers. In case there is an aspect that needs to be changed, it will be sorted in the shortest time possible.

  • Real Time

Social media users always have their phones and gadgets ready to engage. For instance, if a person is looking for a designer shirt in a city, he will ask for the location of the store instantly on social media. Brands that are ready to engage in real time and provide required information increase their rate of conversion several folds. Turn your social media page into a real time platform and reap the benefits.

  • Brand Loyalty

As stated earlier, people who follow particular brands confess to buying their products or procuring their services whenever the need arises. They compliment services offered or products sold and will criticize when the services are below par. You enhance loyalty by engaging the customers on social media and addressing their queries. This will make your followers fall in love with your brand.


The cost effectiveness of social media marketing and real time element will be crucial in growing your brand. Social media also gives you a chance to grow a target audience and reap requisite benefits. If you want to get instance response about your brand, social media is the place to go.

Instagram Marketing For Small Businesses

Instagram is a fairly new social media platform. While businesses are signing up, they experience the challenge of marketing on the platform. It highly relies on visual engagement other than links or text. Many companies have found a way to use the social media channel to their advantage. This has moved their brands from neighborhood stores to multinationals in a flash. Professionals in digital marketing have identified ways to use the app to grow your small business.


  • Get The Setup Right

The foundation of any project or platform is crucial in determining its growth. A strong profile will simplify your marketing campaign. During set up, you have a chance to link with other accounts like facebook, twitter, Tumblr, etc.

You then automate your posts so that they are shared through these platforms whenever you post on one. The profile should also include important details like website, contact, address and even a bio explaining your product or company. Reduce the number of words and make your profile as engaging and beneficial to your followers as possible.


  • Monitor What Is Working

This applies to all marketing campaigns. You must monitor what is working and what does not work in order to sharpen your campaign. Look at the features of posts and hashtags that performed excellently.

There is Instagram analytics which will enable you to see the performance in a snap shot. This data helps you to review your strategy with the aim of sharpening it in readiness for future plans. It helps you decide on the type of photo, filters, hashtag, etc that fits you.


  • Influencer Marketing Will Help

This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow your following. You will need these followers to grow your business. Connecting with people who already have a following gives you a great deal of exposure to their friends.

While influencers where previously expensive, ordinary people are attracting hundreds or thousands or millions of followers on their accounts. Link with them at an affordable rate and get the exposure you have been yearning for.


  • Remember The Hashtag

SEO on other platforms relies on keywords. Instagram has taken a new approach with the demand to have a hashtag before the word. Anytime you set up a campaign, generate a hashtag that can trend.

This is the only way searchers on Instagram will find you. Look for the trending hashtags to ensure that people making blind searches can find you.


  • Remember Your Content

Like any other platform, content is key in advertising. Make your Instagram content as engaging and informative as possible. This is the only way it will be distributed to other people and turned viral. Create a mix of video, images and text. Remember to keep it short and interesting. Instagram stories will also help a great deal.


To succeed on Instagram as a small business, consistency will be very important. Get a cadence for posting your content and keep your followers engaged. Be a constant and consistent feature in the eyes of your followers and you will succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our Instagram marketing packages.