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Month: January 2019

Google search page

Using Google Search Results

Google is one of the most powerful tools in our modern lives. Whenever we have a question or problem, the answer is a simple Google search away. Getting information has never been easier. But this creates an opportunity for businesses as well. The opportunity for their business to show up in Google as the answer …

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Social Media

Generating Website Traffic

You’ve just finished building your amazing website and you’re ready to start conquering the world of ecommerce. But for some reason, you just aren’t getting any traffic on your website. As a result, you aren’t making sales, you aren’t building a community and nobody is speaking about your brand. What do you do? Well, there …

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Ephemeral Social Content

Why you should use ephemeral content on your social media platform

Ephemeral content is media that is only visible for a brief period of time. Spearheaded by the rise of Snapchat, examples of ephemeral content include Instagram Stories and live streaming videos. Although it is far from a new concept, ephemeral content is rising in popularity among businesses hoping to grow their social media presence. According …

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Micro-influencers dominated 2018. Here’s why?

We all know about influencer marketing, but recently there has been a new kid on the block: the micro-influencer. Micro-influencers have a smaller following than influencers, ranging from 10,000 to 100,000. Despite their smaller audience, they often boast higher levels of engagement within their specific niche. Micro-influencers post about their particular passion, which can range …

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