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5 Free Apps to create beautiful Instagram Stories and engaging examples

Elevate your Instagram Stories with text and high-end templates. With examples of brands creating engaging and smart stories.

Some endless tools and apps can be used to create high-quality content for personal or business. 

Why is it important to use Instagram Story Templates?

As it’s important to keep your Instagram Feed aesthetic and cohesive with your branding, it’s just as important to include Stories too. 

Not integrating high-quality Stories to your branding could miss your chance leaving a lasting first impression to new audiences. So, using tools outside of Instagram can help people create eye-catching content with little design experience.

5 free Instagram Story Template Apps:

1. Storyluxe

story luxe app

This app is full of dynamic and colours. From neon to instant film templates.


2. Unfold

unfold app

Unfold provides clean and minimal templates to build Stories integrating free stock images from Unsplash. Unfold is one of the most popular Instagram Story apps out there.



3. Mojo

mojo app

Create Stories with a library of sleek and even animated templates. As with Unfold, Mojo offers Unsplash features as well.


4. Storystory

storystory app

You may or may not have heard of Storystory. You could say it’s a newer and upcoming app for iOS exclusive. However, do not underestimate a smaller branded App. They offer a bunch of different and unique templates that are worth checking out. 


5. Canva

canva app

Canva is available on desktop, iOS and Android. With Canva, you can have more creative freedom. You can choose from already hundreds of templates or even create your own. This app does not limit to just Instagram Story templates but also for posters to blog posts to social media content.




Engaging Instagram Story Templates by brands we can learn from.

Let’s take a look at the brands that have created engaging and smart Instagram Stories and integrated it as a strategy. Having a cohesive and interactive story is important to keep the audience’s attention and them tapping for more. 

J.Crew Fashion

jcrew story

@jcrew promoted its limited-time offers of sunglasses. The message and colours were clear and cohesive with their branding.


f.o.v_    f.o.v_

@f.o.v_ is a foodie and travel Instagram showcasing their photography. The account does incorporate apps into their Stories such as Unfold. With a mixture of their original images and creative templates, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

E! News

enews story

@enews keeps its Stories short and sweet. They deliver quick news in a timely manner with short titles and “see more” links to their website to create traffic. 

There are heaps of ways to approach an Instagram Story strategy. From using third-party apps as listed to using the built-in features on Instagram. Have a clear and concise message and maintain brand visibility by using your brands’ colours.

We can say that including an Instagram Story strategy that is cohesive and fitting to your brand can help drive engagement and attract new audiences.

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