6 Metrics to Measure Instagram Marketing Success

With the introduction of the Insights feature on business profiles, Instagram users can measure the outcome of each post or story they posted. Success can be translated as an increase in followers, the number of likes and comments, etc. We have put together a list of metrics that you need to measure your Instagram marketing success.

1. Audience’s demographics

Instagram insights provides you with your audience’s demographics. This includes:

  • Gender distribution
  • Age distribution
  • Top locations
  • The days on which your followers are most active
  • What time of the day your followers most active

These are great information as it guides you on when to post, and what kind of content to create. Tweak your content strategy with the data acquired to ensure success in your Instagram marketing campaign.


2. Follower growth

A high follower count can be viewed as a positive social proof. Having more followers can also increase your reach. With that said, try to measure follower growth weekly or monthly. Measuring follower growth gives you a clearer picture on how well your content is performing.

Instagram insights tells you how many followers you gained per post. Use this data to find out what type of content appeals most to your audience, and therefore you can increase your reach even more.

In addition, you can also track follower growth rate to find out the percentage change in your follower count. This will actually help you understand if you are able to increase the reach through your Instagram efforts.

Follower Growth Rate =  


3. Comments per post

We usually evaluate the performance of our content based on the number of likes it acquired. In some cases, comments may signify better engagement. When you receive a comment, it indicates that your content prompted your audience to invest time and effort to compose a comment.

You can try keeping track of the average number of comments you get. Certain posts may outperform others. If you can find a pattern, you could try replicating the type of content to boost your engagement rate.


4. Instagram save feature

When a user saves your photo or video, it indicates that your content was so enticing that the user is willing to revisit it later. The saved content is private to each user, and users can view it in the Saved tab of their profile. Instagram insights allows you to view the number of users who saved a particular post.

If more users save a product post, this could signal purchase intent which you could follow up. Followers may also save non-product related posts. This indicates that the post was meaningful to them. With data like this, you can improve your content relevance.


5, Hashtag engagement

Hashtags increase the reach of your content on Instagram. The use of relevant hashtags on your posts directs like-minded people to your content. The most engaged hashtags let you know which hashtags you should use.

Search for hashtags on Instagram to see how many posts use a specific hashtag. You will further understand what type of content trends in the Top Posts section.


6, Instagram Stories

Use Instagram stories to experiment with the type of content that works on your account. Instagram stories allow you to track impressions, reach, exits, replies and users who viewed your stories. Reach and exits are important metrics. Exits help you figure out what type of content works best with your followers. Just make sure to track your data within 24 hours, since stories disappear after 24 hours and so do their statistics.

You can now start tracking your social media efforts with these metrics. You could even pick a more detailed metric based on your business objectives and the nature of your audience.