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A Social Media Marketing Guide for E-commerce Businesses

There are now endless options and avenues for consumers to browse their needs and wants. They have access to an abundance of products and are constantly sifting through e-commerce businesses. That’s why it’s essential to successfully market your e-commerce store on relevant social media platforms. It’s time for all e-commerce businesses to be social which is why we have created an E-commerce social media marketing guide to help you.

Social media marketing is a marketing technique that uses social media platforms to increase brand awareness, connect with audiences, promote products, increase sales, and drive website traffic. Social media is content-driven and businesses are required to share ads, products, and brand-related content.

It can involve customer service and social media management for monitoring comments and messages. Social media marketing can start conversations with consumers, be highly targeted, and easily analysed. It has become quite an essential channel for e-commerce businesses to pursue in order to reach, effectively communicate, and further understand their audiences. 

The first step e-commerce businesses should know when entering the social media marketing world is the development of a social media marketing strategy. A social media marketing strategy is crucial and it’s important to ensure its carried out properly. The essential components for a social media marketing strategy are as follows:


Goals: Define what the outcomes will be and how you will measure their success. 

Target audience: Research your target audience and develop a persona profile of them.

Content mix: Brainstorm and develop content ideas that suit your brand, audience needs, and available resources. A content mix involves the formats and types of posts you will share on a particular platform. A clever, well-thought content mix will make content creation and consistent posting easier in the future. 

Channels: Channels are the social media platforms that you will use and share content on. Content should be customised to the platform it’s being shared on and each social media platform is efficient at targeting a different audience. Understanding your audience will help you decide which channels you need to utilize. 

Process: Setting up a process will allow you to efficiently execute your social media marketing without compromising other aspects of the business. Choose and develop a social media marketing infrastructure that will allow you to continually develop and schedule your content. 

Along with a well-designed social media marketing strategy, it’s important to create consumer-centric content to share. As mentioned, content should be customised to suit the social media platform it is being shared on. Examples of content ideas are included below:

Articles are effective Facebook content and between 2,000 and 2,500 words in length is the optimal size to get more shares than other lengths. Articles are a clever way of sharing interesting and relevant content that will generate engagement or even website traffic. 

Instagram stories have over 250 million daily active users and, out of the 50% of businesses that post at least one story each month, 20% of those stories generate at least one direct message. 

IGTV, Instagram TV, is the mobile-optimised viewing of long-form videos that can be accessed through Instagram or on the app itself. Video content is an incredibly effective form of content for generating engagement. You can create unique, original, niche-specific video content or even repurpose old material to share on your IGTV knowing that this new platform is already taking off. 


Live to stream video content is a growing form of social media content that will often lead to more conversions. Video content is widely known to be an effective form of media that generates engagement; however, live video is increasing in popularity fascinating. 80% of people prefer watching a live video over reading a blog post and 82% of people would choose live video over other social media posts. 

How does social media marketing actually work? 

Once you have developed a strategy and effective content, your e-commerce business is ready to sell on social media. There are many methods that you can sell your products through social media platforms regardless of your consumer’s marketing funnel phase. Whether they’ve viewed your products or are new to your brand, social media is adaptable and effective. 

Paid advertising is one method to allow your products to be visible to your target audience. As Facebook and Instagram have introduced algorithms that personalise content, paid to advertise campaigns are an effective way to ensure your target audience is seeing your brand and products. 

Remarketing ads receive three times more clicks and are four times more likely to convert new customers, and can be carried out on Facebook. More ad impressions have also been shown to increase conversion rates which emphasises this beneficial marketing technique. 

In-app purchases are growing in popularity and their feature offers great convenience to the consumer. On Facebook, shopping carts can be set up using additional apps to conveniently allow the consumer to remain on their Facebook, and on Pinterest, there is now a ‘buy it’ button. 

Influencer marketing is an incredibly effective marketing strategy and is the fastest growing method for gaining customers. For example, 49% of Twitter users rely on recommendations from influencers and 40% made a purchase based on an influencer’s tweet. Similarly, user-generated content is also an effective marketing strategy as it focuses on engagement and makes followers feel special.

App-specific e-commerce features are growing and increasing in consumer usage each day. Instagram features ‘shoppable’, Facebook features the highly-effective carousel ad, Pinterest has developed ‘product pins and even Snapchat has introduced an e-commerce feature ‘Collection Ads’. Depending on who you want to target, or which point of the customer journey your audience is on, social media platforms will be able to provide an opportunity. 

There are already many e-commerce businesses taking advantage of the highly-beneficial marketing opportunities on social media platforms; however, many aren’t reaching their full potential or even present online. By carefully creating a well-thought strategy and plan, your business can thrive in the social media marketing space. 

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A Social Media Marketing Guide for E-commerce Businesses

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