Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Every generation has an invention that transforms its marketing strategy. It is upon the marketers of that generation to take advantage of this invention. The biggest buzz today is social media and it is upon marketers to take advantage of it for their own benefit. It has demonstrated huge potential and transformed startups into multi-million businesses. Here are some of the advantages you stand to gain by marketing your brand on social media.

  • Better Brand Recognition

A marketer should take advantage of every opportunity available to increase visibility. Social media provides the exact opportunity to raise the voice of your brand through content and engagement. Because of the reach of social media, you have an easy and accessible way to reach new customers. For the old customers, they have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with your ‘trendy’ brand. This reinvents their perspective about your brand.

  • Brand Loyalty

Research by Texas Tech University indicates that brands that are active on social media enjoy a great deal of loyalty compared to those not on social media. This has been attributed to an increase in the level of engagement and ease in interaction. In fact, 53% of respondents indicate that they pledged loyalty to brands that have accounts or engage on social media. Do not ignore that ‘like’, follow or comment you get on social media. It is an indication of interest in your brand.

  • More Chances to Convert

Every engagement that happens on social media is an opportunity to convert the follower into a customer. Beyond the customer, it is an endorsement or a desire to get a better product from you. Appearing on news feeds for your followers or having your images, videos and posts shared is an interaction that will result in conversion when handled properly. It is upon you to increase the opportunities and be strategic in your conversion quest. There are elements that make social media easy to convert compared to other platforms. Among the prominent reasons is the humanization element. A brand owning an account on social media feels more human and thus believable. The number of followers, influencers and interaction improve trust in your brand.

  • Better SEO Performance

There are several factors that influence your search engine ranking, which translates into a more successful digital marketing campaign. One of them is the amount of traffic from social media. Top ranking increases your visibility, chances of conversion and better ROI. This happens without having to spend a fortune on the marketing campaign. Social media is also used to drive content access and thus make your traffic consistent and deliberate.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Social media is a platform designed for communication and interaction. When used as a voice for your brand, it gives it a human face. People begin to build a personal relationship with the brand through likes, comments and engagements. With a chance to engage instantly, you provide the best experience and thus confirm loyalty to your brand. Satisfied customers become the best ambassadors for your brand.

Brands that have used social media marketing have reported significant boost in brand recognition and sales. It has been termed as one of the most cost effective marketing strategies today. To reap the benefits, you need to engage an experienced social media marketing company.