Benefits Of Using Social Media To Grow Your Lifestyle Brand

Brands are reaping huge returns from investing in social media marketing. Social media has turned start-ups into multi million dollar brands. This is a reality that any brand can actualize especially the lifestyle based brands. How does social media transform your lifestyle brand and what benefits do you stand to gain?


  • Cost Effective

Setting up a social media account is free of charge. It is also free to post, comment, like, tweet, tap, and perform all other social media engagement functions. This is unlike other conventional marketing avenues where you have to pay a hefty sum to engage potential clients. Behind a desk or even on your phone, you can post images that are viewed by a million people in minutes. You can also answer their questions and concerns, which is an incredible way to keep them in your fold. It costs far less to market on social media compared to conventional methods.

  • Target Reach

Social media gives you an opportunity to reach as many people specific people as possible. Research has established that people only follow brands they are interested in on social media. As such, the people you interact with on social media will already have developed interest in your brand. Further, social media is an eco system where decisions are influenced by friends and people we follow. Your account will only have people waiting for your products and not your rivals. As such, you will be dealing with a specific audience other than casting your net anonymously, hoping to capture unknown persons.

  • Instant Response

People are always on social media, 24/7. This means that your updates, posts or comments will capture their attention instantly. For instance, if you are launching a product, you will receive feedback instantly. This is important for brands because it gives you a chance to understand the raw feelings and reactions of your customers. In case there is an aspect that needs to be changed, it will be sorted in the shortest time possible.

  • Real Time

Social media users always have their phones and gadgets ready to engage. For instance, if a person is looking for a designer shirt in a city, he will ask for the location of the store instantly on social media. Brands that are ready to engage in real time and provide required information increase their rate of conversion several folds. Turn your social media page into a real time platform and reap the benefits.

  • Brand Loyalty

As stated earlier, people who follow particular brands confess to buying their products or procuring their services whenever the need arises. They compliment services offered or products sold and will criticize when the services are below par. You enhance loyalty by engaging the customers on social media and addressing their queries. This will make your followers fall in love with your brand.


The cost effectiveness of social media marketing and real time element will be crucial in growing your brand. Social media also gives you a chance to grow a target audience and reap requisite benefits. If you want to get instance response about your brand, social media is the place to go.