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Benefits of Videos for Your Brand in 2018

Video is an essential component of digital marketing in this day and age, and its popularity continues to rise. It is very important to include video on your website if you want to attract and retain visitors. Including a video on your homepage is the ideal way of creating a great first impression for new website visitors.

Research shows that 70 percent of consumers have a more positive outlook on a brand after watching a video about it. A homepage video can increase click-through rate by 30 percent as it makes them to want to explore the rest of the website.


Improve SEO

Many business owners do not realize the benefits of including videos on their homepage. Video can make your site much more visible on the search engines. Study has shown that embedding a video makes your site 53 times more likely to appear in the top rank in Google search results.

By improving your visibility, you can drive more traffic to your website. Websites that embed video receive 157 percent more organic traffic than those that don’t.



Video is the perfect tool to use to communicate your brand message. One of the main benefits of video is that it is memorable. It is a more versatile and memorable medium than written text.

80 percent of customers can recall a video they have watched within the last month. This indicates that customers can recall and remember your brand if they have seen your homepage video. Brand recall usually influences customer’s purchase decisions. Therefore, video is the way to go!


Increase Sales

72 percent of businesses have seen a significant increase in conversion rates because of the inclusion of video on their websites. As a business, your main goal is to drive more sales and conversions.

Video is a highly persuasive and effective tool to help you achieve that goal. 84 percent of consumers made a purchase just because they watched a brand’s video. There is no doubt that including video on your homepage is highly effective.



Getting consumers to trust your brand is key especially if you want to boost sales. Building consumer trust also builds customer retention simultaneously.

You can put up customer testimonials on your website to boost credibility, and increase conversions. Consumers feel more comfortable buying from a brand that people have tried and tested. Most consumers now trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from the people they know.

Video Production is a very effective marketing tool. It’s important to make the most of the opportunities that video offers. It also makes sense to get your homepage video produced professionally.

Study has shown that 62 percent of consumers disregard brands that use poor quality videos. As a business, you definitely do not want to miss out on this amazing opportunity that drives business success.

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