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With the growth of social media, consumers have discovered the power they have that allows them to praise or criticize a brand based on their satisfaction. This has led to a new challenge for companies to provide social media customer service to their customers.

Before, consumers could only provide limited feedback in terms of word of mouth, or calling or emailing a company, and being unsure if the problem was resolved. Now, customers’ voices have been amplified with the help of social media. Their feedback on social media could potentially reach thousands or millions of people.

All companies should take advantage of social media by responding to customer’s comments and questions. With the power in the hands of consumers, companies need to be prepared with a social media strategy. The strategy should not only focus on reacting to concerns, but also be proactive in providing social media customer service.

According to research, when brands respond to customer service requests over social media, those customers spend approximately 20% to 40% more. Unfortunately, 90% of social media messages received by companies are ignored.

It is crucial to develop a social media strategy to handle posts that praise or critique a company. Therefore, it is important to be available to your customers so you can address any customer concern.

On top of that, the marketing department should be in constant communication with the customer service team. This ensures that companies will know and learn from the problems and complaints, and thus improve on the customer experience.

Do not be afraid of complaints! Use the complaints you get for feedback and to make improvements. The only thing that you should be afraid of is the group of people who didn’t like your company and moved on to your competitor without telling you.

Generally, customers will go out of their way to make a complaint more than they will praise. However, there will be times when a customer determines his/her experience was worth telling the world. This is a massive opportunity for companies to turn that social media customer service into a good thing.

The best companies are always prepared on both sides of the spectrum – reactive and proactive. By being prepared with a social media strategy and constantly connecting with customers (both in praise and criticism), a company can drive sales, provide better customer service and create better marketing campaigns.

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