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How To Write Your Business Description on Social Media

Social media for business

When a new user comes to your Facebook page or Instagram profile, they want a succinct summary of what you do and the services you offer. Social media has become a primary platform for brands to reach new customers, so it is increasingly important to ensure your social media profiles resonate with audiences.



Businesses are encouraged to customise the About section of their Facebook page. Simply go into Edit Page Info as a Page Admin, and you will be able to write a short bio for your business. Think of it as more than an opportunity to provide basic details of your business: the generous word limit on Facebook allows you to delve deeper into your brand’s past, present and future. Consider including a general description of your brand’s products and services, company information, its mission, or even a brief history. Have a funny story of how the idea for your business came about? A storytelling approach can help you connect with your community and communicate your brand image to new customers.



Unlike Facebook, Instagram bios are limited to 150 characters, so only the most important information should be included. Users who stumble across your profile need to know what service category you are in, as well as the city/cities you operate in. Not only does this information help potential customers, it also helps search engines categorise your business. This means your Instagram page can be included in search results when users search for a particular category and city.



Twitter limits profile descriptions to 160 characters, but gives business more room to include information with dedicated sections for your business name and address. This means you have more characters available to include keywords to boost your Google search result rankings. You can also consider including a call to action, such as “call to book”, to help boost conversions.

General Tips

  • Include your business logo – or a variation of it – as your profile picture. This allows existing customers instantly recognise your business online, while also helping social media users identify a physical storefront if they pass it by.
  • It is good practice to include a call to action in your bios with a phone number or booking page to make it easier for users to make a purchase or a reservation.
  • Ensure your business name remains consistent across platforms to avoid unnecessary confusion.
  • If you have regular events or promotions, such as happy hours, you may consider including it into your bio. This can increase interest in your business, especially if users were not actively searching for your company at first.
  • As many social platforms impose word limits on profile descriptions, don’t waste space with redundant words. Try to provide users with essential information in an effective and succinct manner – they still have time to get to know your brand after a good first impression.
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