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Content Variation on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms

Social media marketing can be a complex process to get into. This is especially the case because of the multitude of different platforms out there in the social media world. Each platform has its own culture and its own benefits. Each has it’s own  community. But most importantly, each needs it’s own content.

Your marketing will require a different strategy in order to be effective on each separate platform. It doesn’t matter how much viral potential your video marketing campaign has if you share it in the wrong place.

With this in mind; we’ve chosen 6 of the best platforms for social media marketing. And we’re going to give you some marketing tips for each one.


The two key things with Facebook are interactivity and shareable content.

You want to provide content that consumers can interact with. Ask them questions and get them feeling involved.

Tagging their friends in comments beneath a post has become one of the most frequent forms of communication on Facebook. Therefore, it is vital that you make it easy for people to want to tag their friends in your content.



When it comes to Twitter, you’re very limited by space. Your content needs to be short and sharp. You need to get to the point and captivate them immediately. To increase the likelihood of your content being shared, use eye-catching images and share your content during peak hours.

It’s also important that you’re using the right hashtags in your content. Too many hashtags tends to be a bad thing, so be picky when choosing which ones you use.


As you would expect, Instagram marketing’s focus is on visual messages. That means that quality attention catching content is vital. Nobody stops scrolling for a boring or out-of-focus picture.

Instagram is also very effective in combination with other platforms. You can share simple visual content on Instagram and then promote it on your other channels.


Snapchat places all of its importance on fast-paced, eye catching (notice a theme here?) content.

Snapchat is perfect for things the customers don’t normally see. Think of behind-the-scenes clips and teasers for upcoming products. These are the kinds of things you can show quickly on Snapchat to catch interest and generate hype.



Pinterest is possibly the best marketing channel for frequent and consistent release of content. It also differs slightly from other social media platforms when considering the type of content it usually houses. Pinterest content tends to have more of a focus on providing value to the target than spreading brand awareness.


YouTube offers a much deeper content well than the other platforms. This is especially useful because the consumers using YouTube are there for exactly that reason. They are after entertainment and information. If you can provide value in either of these forms, you’ll be able to generate interest on YouTube.

Of course, with all of these platforms, the first step is knowing your target market. You have to know what they want before any of these tips can be applied.

And that concludes our article on social media content variance. Good luck!

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