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How to Boost Social Media Trust for Your Business

As human beings, we are constantly seeking out avenues of trust. Trust is essential for us to have loving and intimate relationships along with long-lasting and rich friendships. It’s even vital for our day to day functioning throughout our world. Without it, we would feel lost, alone and frightened for our safety. And when our trust is broken? Well, our hearts break. Social media trust is just as important in our world today.

2018 was, unfortunately, a year of massive amounts of social media trust being broken in the digital world. Fake influencer followers, fake news, false information, misuse of personal data, clickbait, lack of control on hate speech. The list goes on. And with all these counts of broken trust, consumers hearts broke bit by bit.

The once infallible and glorified platforms they unquestionably trusted were crumbling and the truth was revealed; their information was not safe. In fact, over half of all users felt this way.

So, your company is authentic and transparent and therefore you have nothing to worry about. So how does trust come into play for your business? Trust means ‘to believe’, and to believe someone or something means that you have confidence in them or it. As we all know, confidence is key.

Social media is the most influential avenue to build trust with your consumer. If this trust in the platform is declining however, additional steps need to be taken.

We Will Rebuild. But How?

Active Support of Social Causes.

Research has found that consumers respond positively to those companies they see as actively supporting charities, foundations or social causes. Charity-rating tools, finding an organisation that suits your companies mission and sustainable donations are great ways to start. 

Authentic Promotion.

Whilst Instagram influencers are still a viable resource for promotion, picking and choosing these people is important. Ensuring that they are legitimate by checking their engagement and statistics and also simultaneously ensuring that their content is in-line with and makes sense for your business. Asking someone who promotes health and wellness to promote your new sugar-filled candy? That sounds like a one-way ticket to mistrust city.

As a bonus, consider micro-influencers! While they won’t have as much reach, sometimes their voice can be much more powerful due to their intimate trust with their followers.

Environmental Footprint.

A lot of companies are overly concerned with the here and now. They are solely focused on what’s going to make them the most money TODAY. Making money is, of course, vital for a companies success. Our world, however, has a lot longer to live than us. Many consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of what companies they are going to support based on their impact on the environment.

Give Your Transparency Some Personality.

If your brand has nothing to hide, don’t hide it! As soon as information is limited to your consumers, it will feel as though there are secrets being kept hidden behind closed doors. Even if there are some things you’d rather not let your customers in on, share what you can.

This can simply be in the form of information about your brands’ story, your employees, what book you’re reading or what coffee you drink! Any form of personality creates trustability.

Need some help putting these tips into motion? Contact us today for a free social media consultation.

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