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How to Deal with Negative Feedbacks in Social Media Marketing

In our previous post, we have mentioned how negatively dealing with negative feedback in social media marketing can be detrimental to your business. This is a huge problem and is prevalent in all sort of areas, not only in business but in life as well. So let’s dive further to see why negative comments can be so harmful.

You may have the urge to leave negativity untouched and just let them float around your page. “Don’t fight fire with fire” right? Wrong. Well- at least in this case. If there’s fire, of course, you wouldn’t fight it with fire but would you leave the fire be? Or take the more logical alternative which is “Extinguishing the fire”. Why? Because when you leave negative comments lurking around your page, a new audience who have just stumbled upon your brand with fresh new hopes, will be immediately discouraged if first encounters with the negativity. Even though they might not do anything about it (comment to these bad comments), it is an immediate bad first impression!

Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Identify

First off, to actually spot these negative comments. They might not go directly at you in your page but they might still be lurking somewhere (giving off a bad stench on your brand). So be aware and keep a lookout. There’s no way to deal with a problem that you don’t even know existed

2. It’s not all the time

Even though we tell you not to ignore negativity, we’re not telling you to always respond verbally to them. A word of warning to dealing with negativity is to know when to respond and when to not. The tips to include responding will help to solve the problem/ strengthen your relationship with your consumers only it is NOT a personal attack or attacks that dive into sketchy territories. These kinds of attack are to be avoided(from responding).

Instead, try to minimize the damage. For example, Facebook has features in which you can hide these comments from public/ report them. Again, be careful when deleting comments as this may fuel more negativity to your page. By hiding the comments from the public, the comments are still visible to the person who posted it and so might lessen the harm.

3.Timing is key

If you spot negative comments, respond to them. According to a study, 42% of customers who complain expect a response within 60 minutes. More than that, and the spark will blow up; this is because customers may feel neglected and unheard of if you do not respond and will further increase their discontentment with your product.

In certain cases, they may even multiply- from one discontentment to the next, around social media.

4. Don’t get caught into the fire

Everyone wants to be listened to. Like we said previously “Never fight fire with fire.” It won’t do any good and also will not solve anything on your part or rather, it will make it even worse. Be patient and understanding, try to see why the person is doing what they do.

5. Investing in Customer Experience Starts with Listening

And after all those advice, here is one for those actually with constructive criticism. Customers like these who actually give feedback and want your brand to improve are those that you’ll want to invest time in.


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