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How To Join The Twitter Conversation in 2019


Twitter is a hub of conversation, from breaking news to niche discussions. Tweet chats promote the flow of ideas as the topic of these live discussions are marked with a hashtag. Tweet chats are a fantastic way for businesses to promote what they do by sharing their expertise on a topic. They also serve to encourage collaboration between people within an industry. Twitter chats are similar to a chat room with a guided conversation for interested users. Unlike regular tweets, these chats are often scheduled to take place on certain days of the week.


The first step to joining the conversation is, of course, to find it! We can almost guarantee that there is a chat dedicated to your product or service, no matter how niche it is. Do some research to find the respective hashtag for a Twitter chat you’re interested in participating in – here’s a list of on-going chats to help get you started.

After you’ve joined a chat, the next step is knowing what and how to contribute. This is a fast-paced discussion about a chosen topic, so it helps to prepare a few tweets beforehand or write down ideas you want to share. This way, you can easily cut and paste during the chat and keep up with it all.

Read up on the rules beforehand, as many chats have specific rules on how to participate. For example, you may need to send in your questions ahead of time. If you show up late to a Twitter chat, don’t interrupt the flow of conversation by asking what the topic is about – you should know this already!

You may be asking, why do I want to participate in Twitter chats anyway? Twitter chats are a great way to grow your following and influence on Twitter. Many users who partake in chats are eager to follow back other members, especially if you are consistently contributing to the discussion.

Twitter chats are another opportunity to promote your services or upcoming events if they are related to the conversation. However, don’t force promotions into a discussion as users are there to share and learn, not to listen to sales pitches.

There are a range of tools available for businesses to keep track of Twitter chat hashtags, such as Tweetdeck and Twitter Search. These tools help isolate the particular conversation so that you can follow new updates easily.

After a chat has finished, businesses should try to follow up with hosts through an email or message to thank them. You can also follow other users who you enjoyed interacting with – remember, Twitter chats are a fantastic networking platform too.

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