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How to leverage your customer reviews


In the Internet era, people are able to share their experiences with people from around the world. Instead of raving about the new Italian restaurant in town to friends and family, more and more people are choosing to leave online reviews for the public to read. Equally, more consumers are reading online reviews to see how a product or service performs in real life.

Businesses shouldn’t let this precious resource slip through their fingers. Customer reviews can help improve your reputation and attract new customers when used smartly. Here’s how to leverage your customer testimonials on social media.

  •  Put highlights in image form

To avoid your followers scrolling past a great customer review, you can put a snippet of the review into an image to post along with the review. Images tend to catch people’s attention more effectively than pure text posts. A snippet of the review may also captivate people and make them want to read the whole review.

  – Hit that like button

If you search your brand up on Facebook or Twitter, chances are you’ll find customers talking about their experiences. Liking and sharing positive comments to your followers can help build brand reputation, especially if the customers are influential in your industry or community. By sharing customer reviews, other users may feel encouraged to share their own experiences for a chance to be featured.

  • Psychology

We all look to others for advice when unsure and this is especially true for potential customers browsing reviews before committing to a purchase. Social proof shapes our decisions. For example, we may be discouraged from going to a restaurant if it has very few reviews as we see it as being ‘untrustworthy’ and ‘unused by others’. We are also influenced by the order reviews are shown in – known as the primacy and recency effect – meaning we tend to best remember the first and last reviews we read. All of these factors should be considered when structuring customer reviews on your social platforms.

  • Say thank you

Thank your customers for leaving a review by commenting or sharing their review along with a personalised message. This little action can go a long way in building customer relationships and motivate more people to leave reviews.

Leveraging customer testimonials is an underrated marketing tool as a brand’s reputation is now greatly influenced by the customer. Engaging with your customers online and incorporating their voice into your social media marketing strategy can help you earn the trust of more customers.

Make the most of reviews by showing your followers how much their feedback means to you. Not only will this encourage them to interact with your business more, it also communicates a customer-centric brand image.

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