How To Increase Post Engagement On Instagram

Social media is the fastest growing sensation with over 2 billion active users. The purpose of these platforms is to improve the level of engagement. This has provided a perfect opportunity for brands to adapt a personified face and begin engaging their customers.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing apps and has incredible potential to transform your business. With engagement being the bottom line, here are tips that will transform your social media engagement experience on Instagram.


  • Adopt The Trending Hashtag

Engagement relies on visibility. Hashtags will bring you in front of people who are not even your followers. They are used in searching for interesting content and in capturing the mood of the moment. There are hashtags that work across brands like #TBT which can be used to create a sensation around your product. Be creative with the hashtags to make them trendy.


  • Experiment With Unique Captions

Instagram is highly reliant on images. However, it is their combination with a few words that assign meaning and importance. When you capture a beautiful image, follow it up with a few words to enhance your story telling.

The adverts with the greatest impact are those that skillfully combine words and images. Creative images will make your images viral. Do not be too strict like in conventional media. Remember that this is social media and take things easy.


  • Be Consistently Active Yet Professional

The Instagram generation loves engaging friends and followers. Make your followers to look out for something new often. People will remain engaged and interested in someone who engages back. Engage through new images, hashtags, comments, etc.

Decide on the number and type of posts to make each day or week. This keeps you on active and always looking for something interesting to tell your followers. Find relevant conversations online and engage. People will feel your vibe and respond positively.


  • Know Your Audience

Like every other marketing campaign, knowledge of audience is crucial. Know how the audience engages, especially when they are most active. Instagram uses algorithm to give preference to posts that have received more engagement. This means that people will see more of your posts if the level of activity is high.

Ranking higher has a spiral-viral effect where engagements improve your ranking leading to more engagements that improve your ranking. This best happens when you post content during the hours when your followers are most active. They engage in large numbers and actively, pushing the profile of your post higher.


  • Make Engagement Competitive

People will do anything to get freebies. As part of your marketing campaign, promise and give something to your followers for engaging. You may partner with affiliated businesses to give away stuff. Followers will find it beneficial to engage on your page or post.


Engagement on Instagram raises the profile of your brand, making your more visible and valuable to your followers. You need to create unique and memorable content that invites followers to engage. Be strategic and professional in developing and broadcasting your content. Engaging a professional in social media advertising will enable you get greater value on Instagram.