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Increase Your Lead Generation

If you’re running a business and you are looking to become successful at generating leads, you will need to go where the people, your audience, are. And as most would know, currently everybody and their dog (literally) is on social media. Social media at first look seems like a place for friends and family to keep in touch and share their life, which is definitely very true. The goal for social media at the beginning was about connecting people digitally.

Actually, the average person who uses Facebook spends around 6.35 hours a month on this particular social media platform. Businesses are investing big dollars and time into developing their social media strategies for the reason that it is quite easy access to millions of people. Although, smaller business cannot afford the expenses of this kind of marketing and find that making their own leads through social media quite overwhelming.

We have a few tips that will allow you to develop an understanding about leads generation on social media, but before we dive into that, let’s define what people are actually talking about when they mention ‘leads’. Leads are potential customers who have expressed some sort of interest in your product or service and have made their contact details available to you to use for a follow up with more information. This can be useful because you can then hand these details over to your sales department or engage with them using your own tailored content marketing.

Why is important to generate leads on social media?

Lead generation is not new to the world of business, but it does have a new approach. The old way of generating leads would be sitting at an expo show at a table for hours on end, hoping that your display will attract your targeted audience and that they will take the time out their day to fill out a form that you will then manually have to process. Leads through social media are much more convenient in terms of processing and will assist you in gaining more leads in general though internet signups.

Consider the fact that many people would say that they never respond to cold calls, although, a large percentage of buyers are more than happy to have a conversation on social media.

Lead generation offers a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. A potential buyer is able to inquire about needed information from multiple businesses that offer a product or service, and that then offers the business an opportunity to pitch what they’ve got to someone who is already interested and has given them permission to push.

Conversion rates on leads received often provide a higher conversion rate in comparison to cold contacts because you already know this person is a potential customer.

Generating leads also allows you to use your precious time more wisely. Instead of trying to push to an entire audience where some individuals may not have any interest, you can minimize your focus and pay attention to leads you have already received.

Now onto the tips on some simple ways to generate leads through social media:

  • Gated Content

Gated content is very common on sites that are trying to generate leads. Gated content is exactly what you’d expect it to be – content that is hidden by a virtual gate that can only be unlocked by a reader providing their basic contact details. To avoid having people leave your page when they come across gated content, you need to be providing them with valuable content.

In terms of social media, you can promote gated content pages by sharing the links on your platforms. This will allow you to really hone in on your ideal audience as you would have already gained their interest with your post enough for them to click the link. Some people will click away without accessing your content, these people may have been mildly interested in what you were offering but know enough to share their details. Those who are truly interested will provide their details knowing that there is value in what you have offered and therefore allowing you to really pay attention to the ideal audience.

  • Social Media Profiles

View your social media profiles as landing pages for your potential leads. They are usually the first impression a potential customer has of your brand. So make the first impression a good one, and also give them somewhere to go next for when they like what they see.

To do this make sure that your profile is fully complete. Have all areas of your profile filled out, especially contact info and your location. Particular platforms such as Facebook, have powerful search engines that can funnel a users profile based on their location and even places their friends have been or checked out.

  • Pick the Correct Platform

A common and crucial mistake that is made is trying to generate leads from the wrong social media channels. Making this mistake comes from not knowing who your customers are and not doing research on your target audience. Facebook has over one billion users and this makes it easy to make the mistake in believing that it is the go-to choice for all businesses, but putting all your time, effort and money into Facebook may not always be the best option.

For B2B marketers, a large percent have been able to generate leads through LinkedIn, whilst there is a much smaller percentage that do so through Facebook, and an even smaller amount through Twitter. Therefore, it is important that you do your research because the techniques that you use to generate leads will depend greatly on what social media site you choose to focus on.

  • Special Offers

One thing everyone has in common is that we all like free stuff. If you are attempting to generate leads through social media, you should consider offering a giveaway through your social media. Many campaigns of this nature end up getting a lot of engagement and have many people re-sharing on their own social media channels.

By adding an entry form to your giveaway, you will have the opportunity to gain solid lead data through basic contact details collected.

Make sure that it is easy for the participants to re-share the post in order for a simple way to spread the word throughout their own online communities.

By following these steps, you will find an increase in your lead generation, an increase in your site traffic and an increase in your online engagement.


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