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Instagram 2018 Update How To Win

Instagram Algorithm Changes 2018

Just when we think we’ve decoded Instagram’s algorithm, it changes. Yes, Instagram has changed its algorithm at the beginning of this year (new year, new you?). Keeping up to date has become more difficult, as these changes are no longer announced regularly on Instagram’s blog. Here is a compilation of the most recent changes to Instagram’s algorithm.

First things first. The Post Exposure.

When you post on Instagram, it may only be exposed to 10% of your followers. It has been predicted that Instagram measures the interest of your audience to determine whether your post should be shown to the rest of your followers.

If your new post gets sufficient engagement right away, it would be released and shown to the remaining 90%. If you are wondering why you’ve been experiencing a huge decrease in likes, this could be why.

In addition, if you are promoting your business in any way and representing yourself as such, the best thing you can do right now is to switch over to a business account. This is to ensure that your work is seen. With a business account, you are also able to check the stats that are incredibly helpful to determine your audience’s prime times.



Prepare your captions because once you’ve posted it, no changes should be made. Do not repost or change anything once a photo or video is posted. The more you tweak your caption once it’s uploaded, the lower your visibility.

Review your caption very well before posting, and don’t change anything within the first 24 hours.



Before, you were allowed up to 30 hashtags on each post. Now, it is recommended to use 5 – 20 hashtags. This is because Instagram will see you as a spammer if you max out on the hashtags all the time.

The less number of hashtags you use, the higher the engagement. Also, use hashtags that are specific to your niche and have less than 1 million posts within the hashtag. Do not use the same hashtags repeatedly for each post. Instagram notices that. Therefore, you need to find new and unique hashtags each time.

It is crucial to include hashtags in the body of your caption, and not in the comments section! Hashtags in the comments section will no longer be visible in the search results, and will be marked as spam.

Further, there have been rumours saying that your Instagram profile might be favoured if you’re following hashtags.



There have been updates on how Instagram notices your engagement. When you post, you will need to respond to the comments within 60 minutes, or your post visibility will gradually decrease.

The more comments you receive in a short amount of time will make Instagram think your post is worth sharing to all your followers. You should definitely utilise Instagram Stories, as it increases your visibility. The Stories that appear first are the accounts that you engage with the most.

And, there you have it. The recent algorithm changes. I must say, these are quite drastic changes. Nonetheless, hope this post is helpful to you.

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