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Instagram Creator Account: What is it?

What is the Instagram Creator Profile?

Instagram marketing has come a long way. The platform has evolved from personal accounts to business accounts. Allowing businesses and brands access to useful tools, insights and analytics. From Business Accounts, Instagram has recently rolled out a new Creator Account.

 The purpose of this is specifically for Instagram influencers. Business and creator accounts are very similar. However, Creator accounts will include more specialized tools and features to better connect with their audience. 

Here’s the rundown of its features:

1. More follower insights

More in-depth growth insights and information will be available. With the screenshots provided by @wongmjane, Creator Accounts will provide more details on daily growth and loss. Compared to Business Accounts where only overall weekly activity can be seen. 

You will have the ability to track follow/unfollow data. This will make it easier for influencers to determine what content and changes lead to spikes and declines in their audience.

Instagram Creator Account insights

2. Simplified messaging tools 

Influencers with overloaded inboxes will now have better control of their messages. They will be able to sort and filter relevant DMs. It will allow them to organize and prioritize messages from businesses to friends.

3. Flexible labels

There will be better-aligned categories and labels influencers can choose from. Additionally, they can also select their preferred method of contact on their profile.

4. Desktop access to Creator Studio 

Creator Studio is a new dashboard management system that Facebook is currently testing. It will allow users to view all their content and insights on a desktop without using a third-party tool. Which may create an easier workflow. 

Instagram Creator Studio

These new features can really benefit influencers on the platform as Instagram is putting a heavier emphasis on their most powerful users. As a result, this can be useful to not only influencers but to a whole range of groups. From brands, artists and entrepreneurs to grow their brand awareness and engagement.

The Instagram Creator Account is currently in testing, therefore may not be available to all accounts. A small group of influencers were invited to take part in testing the profile. Unfortunately, there is no way to sign up for the test at this time. In the meantime, you can personally check yourself if the option is available to you in the settings option of your profile. 

Influencer Marketing Hub states that it is “unlikely to see these features made available to the everyday Instagram user”. It’s expected to be accessible to users above a certain amount of followers. 

Meanwhile, sit tight until Instagram announces more information and the release of the Creator Account sometime next year.

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