Instagram Marketing For Small Businesses

Instagram is a fairly new social media platform. While businesses are signing up, they experience the challenge of marketing on the platform. It highly relies on visual engagement other than links or text. Many companies have found a way to use the social media channel to their advantage. This has moved their brands from neighborhood stores to multinationals in a flash. Professionals in digital marketing have identified ways to use the app to grow your small business.


  • Get The Setup Right

The foundation of any project or platform is crucial in determining its growth. A strong profile will simplify your marketing campaign. During set up, you have a chance to link with other accounts like facebook, twitter, Tumblr, etc.

You then automate your posts so that they are shared through these platforms whenever you post on one. The profile should also include important details like website, contact, address and even a bio explaining your product or company. Reduce the number of words and make your profile as engaging and beneficial to your followers as possible.


  • Monitor What Is Working

This applies to all marketing campaigns. You must monitor what is working and what does not work in order to sharpen your campaign. Look at the features of posts and hashtags that performed excellently.

There is Instagram analytics which will enable you to see the performance in a snap shot. This data helps you to review your strategy with the aim of sharpening it in readiness for future plans. It helps you decide on the type of photo, filters, hashtag, etc that fits you.


  • Influencer Marketing Will Help

This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow your following. You will need these followers to grow your business. Connecting with people who already have a following gives you a great deal of exposure to their friends.

While influencers where previously expensive, ordinary people are attracting hundreds or thousands or millions of followers on their accounts. Link with them at an affordable rate and get the exposure you have been yearning for.


  • Remember The Hashtag

SEO on other platforms relies on keywords. Instagram has taken a new approach with the demand to have a hashtag before the word. Anytime you set up a campaign, generate a hashtag that can trend.

This is the only way searchers on Instagram will find you. Look for the trending hashtags to ensure that people making blind searches can find you.


  • Remember Your Content

Like any other platform, content is key in advertising. Make your Instagram content as engaging and informative as possible. This is the only way it will be distributed to other people and turned viral. Create a mix of video, images and text. Remember to keep it short and interesting. Instagram stories will also help a great deal.


To succeed on Instagram as a small business, consistency will be very important. Get a cadence for posting your content and keep your followers engaged. Be a constant and consistent feature in the eyes of your followers and you will succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our Instagram marketing packages.