Instagram Stories for Business

In our previous post, we have mentioned that ephemeral content will be huge this year. Businesses should start posting Instagram Stories as a way to connect with the audience. This strategy can increase engagement, as well as boost your social media exposure. Additionally, Instagram Stories allows you to get in touch with your creative side.

Here are some features to know before you get started on Instagram Stories for your business.


  1. Hyperlink

Instagram Stories allows you to include links in your stories. The only catch is that your account must be a business profile with 10,000 followers. This is a great way to drive traffic to your website. You can even link your story to a specific product or service page. By doing so, you capture your audience’s attention as they do not need to click around to find the specific page.


  1. Instagram Live

You can interact with your audience in real time by going live on Instagram. Instagram live videos exudes a sense of urgency. Therefore, businesses can use this feature to tease new products, information or announcements. Live video makes the teasers more exciting and engaging. At the same time, you can use Instagram Live to broadcast a Q&A. Q&A’s are one of the most popular subject for live videos.


  1. Location Stickers

This is similar to including a geo-tag in your Instagram post. Location stickers allow you to connect with the people nearby. This feature helps to distribute your content to the people around you. Furthermore, adding location stickers to your Stories will help you show up in more searches and make it more convenient for potential customers to find you.


  1. Hashtag Stickers

Hashtags are helpful in getting discovered on Instagram. When you add hashtags to your Instagram Stories, those Stories appear in the hashtag search results. If you use the right hashtags related to your brand or industry, it increases the chances of getting found by your potential customers. This feature will help you get better exposure, especially when you use a more specific hashtag.


  1. Poll

This is one of the newer features on Instagram Stories. Polls are great for business use as you get to really connect with your target audience. This feature is great for the purpose of market research as poll results can provide you with some serious data from your followers. Get creative when incorporating polls into your Stories, as this encourages your audience to participate. However, don’t overuse them as you may dilute the amount of responses from your audience.

It is time for your business to start using Instagram Stories. Do keep in mind that Instagram is constantly updating its Stories features. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the latest trends.