Instagram TV: The Ins and Outs

Instagram TV is an interesting concept, but how effective could it become as a form of social media?

Instagram TV, or IGTV for short, is a new Instagram-owned app, feature and social platform all in one. Essentially, it’s a new platform for longer form video content that combines Instagram stories and traditional video content to be viewed on your mobile device.

One of the standout features of IGTV is its vertical full-screen video framing. Unlike traditional video content such as television or YouTube content with a landscape picture, IGTV is made to be consumed the same way we hold our phones – upright and vertical.

With the release of Instagram stories in 2017 and now the introduction of IGTV, creators are now able to publish higher quality and longer-form video to Instagram.

This means less users will be switching between social platforms such as Snapchat and YouTube to keep up with brands, influencers and people they are interested in.

These videos can range from 15 seconds to 10 minutes for general users of Instagram, and up to one hour long for verified and highly followed Instagram accounts.

Like typical social online content, the user’s audience can like, comment and share IGTV videos. There are currently no paid advertisements on IGTV, but as an entirely new platform it’s only a matter of time before brands and creators start seeking opportunities to monetise their videos via ad revenue.

Because of Instagram TV, Instagram is now able to cover all the bases to have an even more successful social media presence – and with already a global community of one billion users (third behind Facebook and YouTube), IGTV could be what brings Instagram ahead of the game.

According to Instagram CEO Kevin Kevin Systrom, there are 60% more Instagram users watching videos than this time last year. Clearly Instagram has chosen to unleash IGTV at a good time for video consumption and Instagram’s billion users worldwide.

Platforms like YouTube will still churn out a lot of the video content online, but it’s likely the use of IGTV will open up a lot more opportunities for brands and influencers aiming to make promotional content and grow their audience.

Though accessible to all Instagram users, IGTV is really targeted to those who already invest time in the brands, users and influencers they follow.

IGTV is technically a new platform with its own app, but fortunately creators don’t have to worry about building and curating their audience from ground zero again as it’s fully accessible via the Instagram app.

This opens up a lot more opportunities for Instagram content creators who could have been thinking of moving to YouTube to make longer form video content.


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