Is Your Ideal Customer On Instagram?

Brands are advised to move with the trend. One of the marketing channels that are making fortunes for brands is social media. Even with the demand to be trendy in your marketing, it is not an invitation to join every band wagon. You should only do so after establishing that the platform will give you excellent value for money. Your ideal customer might not even be on social media. How can you establish whether your customer is on Instagram and how much to invest on the platform? Here are excellent tips to consider.


  • Age

The age of your clientele determines communication trends and social media interactions. Instagram is more about photos and videos with filters that are an attraction to the younger generation.

If your products target seniors or an older generation, investing in Instagram marketing is not the best option. Instagram marketing would be idea for the younger generation that tech savvy and looking for trendy ways to communicate.


  • Communication Mannerism

How do clients engage with your brand in communication? This is important in determining the platforms where you invest and how much you get as return on investment. Clients who prefer images would be pleased to engage on Instagram. However, if their preference is detailed text, it will be a challenge to accommodate them on Instagram.

Further, there are features like links that are discouraged on Instagram. Is you intend to send them to your home page, this is not the best social media option to consider. Only choose Instagram if you think that it is your most preferred mode of communicating with your clients.


  • Nature Of Your Product

How do you market your product? Is it enough to show a video or image to attract or serve your customers? Goods are perfect when sold on Instagram since you can upload their images. It will be difficult to sell services on such a social media platform. A product for seniors will also not fit on Instagram because potential clients will not access it.

Service providers who need to explain their products to customers will find Instagram challenging to use. A tour company or an attraction site will, however, find Instagram to be the best social media marketing platform. A professional social media marketing company will direct you on the choices to make in marketing in order to obtain value for money.


  • Type Of Customer

Customers come in diverse variety. Some are individuals while others are corporate organizations or businesses. This determines whether social media marketing, and especially Instagram, is your best bet. Corporate organizations rarely search on social media for clients or service providers.

It would also be easier and cost effective to approach these corporate organizations directly other than using social media. Social media best fits clients who need direct engagement and can make a decision instantaneous.

There are ways to determine whether your clients are using Instagram marketing agency services and other social media platforms. Conduct a survey on the most effective communication strategy. Be conscious of their communication trends and understand your product well.