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What is a Lead Magnet?

Lead magnet attracts likes

There are certain behaviours that all marketers want from the people visiting their sites. It might be making a purchase, sharing content with friends or giving us their email address. Regardless of which it is, it’s usually not that simple. People are always on their guard on the internet. They don’t want to hand out their email or hard-earned cash to a random company on the internet. Typically, they’ll require a bit of a push. This is where lead magnets come in.

A lead magnet is basically incentive. It’s something that a business will give to its consumers in exchange for the desired action.

For example, if a business wants to collect email addresses for its email marketing list, it might hand out a coupon for 20% off a purchase, or it might provide some kind of free content such as a small eBook or educational article.


Lead Magnet Ideas

The type of lead magnet that you use will always depend on your site, the target consumers and what action you’re trying to get them to take.

With that being said, that are quite a few common lead magnet ideas that can be applied to many different scenarios.



One of the most common lead magnets is a guide or tutorial. Usually framed as the “Ultimate Guide to doing ____”, this magnet is basically offering to solve a problem for the consumer.



The eBook plays a similar role to the guide in the sense that it’s providing information to the consumer with the promise of solving a problem. The only difference is the fact that it comes in the form of a book instead.

This can be both a good and a bad thing. On one hand, people think they’re receiving more value because it’s an entire book. On the other hand, often people don’t want to have to read through an entire book to get the information they need.

Use eBooks carefully.

eBook providing value

Additional Content

Another lead magnet idea is bonus content. You’re giving the consumer extra content and information that isn’t available to other people. It promises more of the things they love and the exclusivity of being one of the few who gets to see it.



Providing a list of resources is my personal favourite. This means that you give the consumer a list of suggestions for resources to use so that they don’t have to research themselves. This might be a list of books to read, podcasts to listen to, blogs to follow or anything else.



Checklists also work as a good magnet for leads. They typically work well with sites that provide education, guides and tutorials. The checklist allows you to summarize some of your work and put it in an easy-to-understand and actionable format.

It allows people to follow along in a step-by-step manner, ticking off each step as they go.


As mentioned earlier, whichever magnet you choose should depend on your specific scenario. Providing an eBook might not make sense if you’re trying to sell toys to parents online. The context matters.

Good luck!

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