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Though paid marketing can be crucial when starting a business, there are alternative options to marketing online, particularly on LinkedIn Marketing.

LinkedIn is on the rise, and with already 546 million professionals on the website, business and social advertisement are reaching new heights.

There are many benefits to LinkedIn; it’s a place where organisations and businesses can establish and promote their brand in a professional space, maintain a connection with professional followers and connect with others in the industry.

But how can a business convert an audience from being a passive observer of its ads to be an active participant in its social discourse?

Unfortunately there is currently little way for LinkedIn company pages to actively converse with their audience. This means that without the use of LinkedIn’s on-site advertising, the audience has to actively participate with and click on the brand’s content for LinkedIn to be an effective marketing tool.

On the other end of the spectrum, targeted ads may reach a company’s audience and desired consumers, but if that audience doesn’t actively engage with or see the ad, the effectiveness of LinkedIn as a marketing technique lowers drastically.

The answer to an active audience lies in how you and your brand use LinkedIn as a social media service, as opposed to a solely professional and one-dimensional space.

Effective marketing on LinkedIn starts with creating and maintaining an active audience. By connecting with your audience you will boost post and network engagement, and promote more interest in your company.

One of the main benefits of using LinkedIn to market your brand is the consumer’s ease of access to plenty of information about your business, without leaving the website.

A detailed LinkedIn business profile has the ability to produce more engagement from a simple text or video post than your website may generate or have access to. It is vital that a business’ LinkedIn profile is three-dimensional, giving the navigating user plenty of options to navigate the brand and consume its content.

While it is still necessary to bump these users to your business’s website, creating an engaging LinkedIn profile is a major step towards creating an active relationship with your audience.

So how many of the 546 million professionals on LinkedIn are actually regularly and actively engaging with LinkedIn ad content and providing revenue for businesses?


LinkedIn now reports there are eight million registered users in Australia. According to Social Media News, just over half of these users log in each month.

WIth this kind of difference between monthly active and passive-registered Australian LinkedIn users, it makes it even more important for businesses to market their brand effectively on the site.

By using LinkedIn social posts to market your business, you can distribute organic marketing strategies as opposed to paid, and still get results. By actively working towards a better, more effective business-audience connection, you can gain more engagement and reduce paid marketing.

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