How To Use Live Streaming In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Livestreaming has become a huge part of social media marketing in recent years. It allows businesses to reach bigger audiences and show off their unique personalities online. There are various ways to engage with audiences using livestream technologies.


No matter what your brand specialises in, there are always opportunities to make a how-to for your followers. This can range from product-based guides, such as a beauty tutorial, or be based off of your services, such as writing engaging blog articles. Use your imagination to create something your followers will want to try for themselves – or ask them for suggestions!

Content collaboration

Your business collaborations don’t have to stop with guest blogging or posts on an influencer’s page. Livestreaming is a fantastic way to collaborate with influencers and other brands to gain fresh faces and new ideas. Inviting outsiders avoids content monotony while introducing your brand to new audiences.


Taking your followers on a tour of your office can greatly improve your brand’s perceived authenticity. Being relatable is an often underrated part of marketing, but it plays a huge role in building brand loyalty. People want to see your brand’s culture and personality before committing to you. Livestreaming provides businesses with an opportunity to give their fans access to the real people and operations behind the brand. We’re not encouraging you to give your followers access to secret vaults here – it can be as simple as a tour through the corridors.


Introducing your team through livestreams can help form trust between your business and customers. Although interviews do not need to be overly formal, they should still be conducted in a professional manner. When it comes to questions, feel free to broaden topics beyond the business to anything your customers may relate to. For example, you could ask about their coffee order or pet daschund. However, make sure to be properly prepared as poorly done livestreams can reflect negatively on your brand. Remember, you can’t go back to edit livestreams.


Before embarking on your first livestream video, here are a few tips to help your business reach more followers.

  • Make sure your followers know the date and time to tune in. Whether you choose to include a teaser, open Q&A submissions or simply a reminder post, it’s always a good idea to remind followers who may have forgotten about the even even if they were interested in in.
  • Find a space with few distractions to record your video. This will help ensure your audience isn’t distracted by the hustle and bustle behind you. While you want to show off your brand’s personality through the spaces and people featured, your followers should be focused on what you are saying, not the room behind you.
  • It’s important to be consistent in when you post videos so that your audience knows when to tune in. Try to post at the same time each week, or create a broadcasting schedule.