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New Linkedin Pages Features

Linkedin has released new features on Pages.

In November last year, Linkedin announced the “next generation of company pages”, offering a new experience for users and a “place to engage with people that matter most to your business”.

The platform relaunched with a new name from Linkedin Company Pages to Linkedin Pages. With a bunch of new updated tools, it allows businesses to connect with their employees and community easier.  They now plan to release new features once a quarter for users to make the most of their Page.

What's new with Linkedin Pages

Heres a look at Linkedin’s new features:

1. Customer call-to-action options

Having a clear CTA option is essential for a Page. Beyond the traditional “Follow” button, the platform has added an additional 5 custom CTA for company pages. With the 5 new options to choose from, it will help drive visitors to take action right away, and can also generate potential leads.

The 5 CTA button options include:

  • Contact Us
  • Learn More
  • Register
  • Sign Up
  • Visit Website

This can help provide valuable insights and information to measure results. You can find the click-through information in two places: at the top of the Visitors Analytics tab or the dashboard on the left-hand side of the Page Admin home.

2. Mobile editing options

Linkedin previously allowed users to make specific edits and changes on desktop only. This gave mobile users many limitations, therefore the platform has finally lifted this restriction. Admins can now edit company information, Page details and fix up published posts all from the mobile app.

3. Community Hashtags

This feature will allow Pages to associate hashtags to better monitor and participate in more relevant topics and conversations.

As a result, the use of hashtags in articles and posts can maximize exposure on the platform and increase brand awareness, reaching more users interested in that particular topic.

However, keep in mind Communities Hashtags and Custom CTAs are available on desktop only.

The purpose of Linkedin Pages was to help organisations to grow and create relationships with its members and public. Now with the new features marketer’s can utilize and take full advantage of them. With more and more updates it will allow us to better understand and connect with our audience in the digital world. 

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