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How to Optimise your Website Conversion Rate in 2020

Quick Fixes You Need To Optimise Your Conversion Rate

Is your eCommerce site getting all the clicks but no conversions? On average only 2.35% of website visitors actually convert. Fortunately for entrepreneurs, this unimpressive figure can be greatly increased with conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

This is a process of optimising the user experience on a website to increase conversions (the desired action ie. sales, sign up forms etc.). Implementing CRO ensures your site is converting as well as possible with the amount of traffic you’re generating. CRO doesn’t just increase your conversion rate, but it boosts SEO, lowers your cost per lead and improves user experience. 


At Social Connection we have successfully improved hundreds of website’s conversions. A small part of our highly effective and tailored conversion rate service involves picking off the low hanging fruit by identifying and remedying any weak points that are holding your website back. 


Although CRO is a long-term process, many of the weak points that are holding your website back can be removed by implementing small but impactful changes that can be made today to give your site a quick conversion rate boost.


Website Copy

Depending on the quality of your copy, it’s probably a good idea to revamp the words on your site. Your website copy should be compelling enough to grab attention and crafted to not only hook in sales but connect with your website visitors. That last piece of copy your prospects read just might be the final factor that plays into whether they convert or not, so make sure it’s crafted well. 


Call To Action

Your call to action button is one of the larger defining factors that play into generating conversions for your site. It should be visually appealing on the page and fit in with your marketing strategy. Developing a simple, clear and actionable call to action is what is going to encourage your prospects to click and convert.


Company’s Value Proposition 

What is your competitive edge? Your prospects should know exactly who you are, why you would benefit them and how you stand out from your competitors. This should be clearly comprehensible on your site.


Brand Trust

Your prospects are going to want to know if your brand is trustworthy and credible before converting. There are many ways to build trust with your website visitors. This can be done by implementing sources of credibility such as testimonials, reviews, and social media links. 


Taking your CRO to the next level

Implementing these changes is a great way to build momentum and begin your CRO process. Your CRO can be taken to the next level by conducting in-depth qualitative research. Improving your CRO should be based on your data. Using a variety of online tools, you can analyse data that will guide you to best optimise your conversions.

From analysing the most clicked elements on your site to how long a visitor spends on a page. This data can then be valuable in conducting A/B split and multivariate tests that will indicate how to best optimise your site for conversions.

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