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You Need to Be Optimized For Mobile

Optimized for phonesThe world we live in is interconnected. Technology is improving rapidly with phones, the internet and many other mediums constantly getting faster and more powerful. Because of this, it’s becoming even more important for businesses to keep up with changes when it comes to their marketing strategy.

At the moment, the big change is the movement towards phones. The internet is no longer a domain owned by computers. Phones now provide people with that internet access 24/7 and are getting faster year-by-year.

According to dailyinfographic, the average person checks their phone 110 times each day. And half of mobile phone owners feel uneasy if they leave their phone at home. These are some telling statistics. People are spending more time on phones than ever. And it’s becoming increasingly likely that their first encounter with your business will be on their phone.

This is especially the case if you’re in the kind of business that people might search for on a whim (“Maybe I should buy a new frying pan”) or in a minor emergency (“The sink has flooded! Help!”). These are the kinds of scenarios that might happen when somebody is in a rush or is out and about and unable to access their computer.

Due to this, it’s absolutely vital that your websites and advertisements are optimized with phones in mind.

Web page optimizedWhat to Do

A lot of people don’t actually realize that there’s a difference between how web pages are displayed on phones and computers.

Unfortunately, there is and many websites are built for one but not the other. If you don’t know whether yours is or not, don’t panic. We’ll provide some tips.

I’ll note at this point that most web design platforms and related themes are already designed with both computer and phone optimization in mind. If your website is built on WordPress, then you probably have nothing to worry about.

First thing’s first, open the website on your phone and see how it looks. If the site runs smoothly and is displayed well then it’s probably already optimized for phones. In that case, you don’t need to do anything. If it isn’t, you could try changing your theme. And if that doesn’t work, or you aren’t on a web design platform, you may need to hire someone to help optimize it for you.

Most ads will be optimized for both when you set them up. But there are some key design differences between phone ads and computer ads. Phones have less screen space to get your message across, so it’s more important to focus on clarity with images and key words.

Hopefully, these tips have helped ensure that you’re ready to hook phone-based consumers with your brilliant digital marketing strategy.

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