How To Research Your Target Audience On Instagram & Facebook


Social media networks are the most effective tools in the recent past to attract customers. However, it is not automatic that your presence on social media, and especially on Facebook and Instagram will translate to capture of your preferred clients. It will be a waste of time and resources to be on social media if you will be engaging the wrong people. Knowing your customers also helps you to maximize on your interactions. Here are sure ways to research and identify your perfect audience on social media.


  • Know Your Customer

This is the fundamental question in any marketing and engagement campaign. Do not join Facebook or Instagram if your idea customer is elsewhere. Social media users fall into a certain age bracket, communicate in a particular way and would love to be engaged through such platforms.

Remember that engaging and interacting with women, men, seniors, corporate world, etc is different. As such, their presence and searches on social media will also vary.


  • Size Of Audience

Social media is a platform for the masses. If you are targeting a large number of people, this is the perfect platform. Instagram metrics will indicate the number of people following you, liking your comments and updates, tapping on your images, etc. These engagement sizes indicate the size that is interested in your product.


  • Engagement Behavior

People engage on social media for different reasons and at different times. Form your posts or update, you can determine whether they are prolific in engaging, seasonal, or prefer personal engagement in your inbox.

You will also note the most appropriate time to engage, which could be early morning, evening, weekend, over holidays, etc. If your followers are too many on these platforms, devise a plan strategy to enable you reach to each of them. If they are too few, you need to increase their number in order to increase your value for money.


  • Conduct A Survey

Each customer has individual desires and expectations on social media. The customer is at the best position to communicate these desires or expectations more than any other person.

Find a way to conduct a survey that helps you establish how best to serve the clients on social media. They will also give an indication of the best way to communicate to them. There are free tools for conducting surveys on social media. You may also opt for a customized setup that is integrated with your account or social media page.


  • Engage Directly and Use Their Networks

Experts on social media indicate that anyone who follows a brand on social media is interested in it and thus a potential customer.

To understand them and their needs, engage directly through deliberate posts and others that can be shared so that friends also contribute. Read through their comments on your updates to understand their feeling about your brand. The engagement should not be an exercise in futility. Make the adjustments they have proposed.

Investing in social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram requires understanding of your audience. This enables you to produce target campaigns that deliver excellent value for money. Return on investment depends on how well and detailed your plan is.