Cracking the Code of the Social Media Algorithm

When the big players of the social media world decided to change from chronological order to a new mysterious new social media algorithm it caused a worldwide panic. Especially in the world of social media advertising. When do I post? What type of things should I post to get noticed? Will my customers even know I’m alive?!

Whilst the idea of having a new system seemed all well and good on paper, users have spent years trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Being at the top of someone’s news feed wasn’t just about posting at the right time anymore; people were going to have to be smart.

Luckily, through a lot of trial and error, there seems to be some sort of understanding of how to work this new system. Firstly, social media platforms LOVE talking.

Communication is Key

Facebook announced with their latest algorithm that content that sparks conversations and meaningful interactions between active users will be prioritised at the top of feeds. Essentially, this is all about the three engagements: commenting, sharing and reacting.

Facebook wants us talking, however, they don’t want us cheating on them. Any conversations or posts that suggest for someone to go to a third-party website will be pushed further down the list. Facebook doesn’t want us to be forceful either. Any prompting to like or comment will send you down the list again.

Stay With Me, Please!

Algorithms love commitment. The longer a user stays with a post, the higher it will go on the list of priority posts. Therefore, engaging captions are just as important to a post as a quality image or video content. Think of telling a short story about the post, capitals, emojis and DEFINITELY hashtags.

It’s Not Business, It’s Just Personal

Having a business profile doesn’t mean you are going to be given preference in the news feed. It’s actually trickier because a business now has to compete with its followers’ friends and family.

The social media giants are all about creating a community through connections, therefore just because you have a blue tick or a business account doesn’t mean your posts are going to be seen. The importance then of having engaging content and great social media advertising is more important than ever, in order to be heard and noticed.

Time is Still of the Essence

Despite this new algorithm being a tricky minefield to navigate, timing is still important. There was an incredible backlash from people when chronological order was removed. In response to this, social media platforms added an aspect to the algorithm that factors in recent posts.

It’s therefore still important to consider your target audience’s behaviours – as well as their geographical locations – to determine when they’re going to be online. This will give you the greatest chance of engagement, thus pushing you back up the list!

Still a tiny bit confused? Don’t worry, so are a lot of people. If you need some more help, contact us to arrange a free consultation!