Social Media For The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is about the experience you give your customers. Coincidentally, social media gives the customer an opportunity to assess that experience and share it with friends. Social media today is more about liking or disliking something. What is good is made viral while the bad ignored. How can social media be a tool for the hospitality industry to boost its business?


  • Customer Review

Social media allows people to share images, videos and even feelings on a particular location. This is a marketing tool for any hospitality industry brand. Giving your customers a chance to review and make public their feeling will transform the perception of patrons and win more business.

The social media ecosystem is heavily reliant on influence. People are making decisions based on what their friends think or have done. By offering excellent services to a few customers, they will broadcast their experience and in the process attract more patrons.


  • Engaging

Social media gives the hospitality industry a chance to engage its patrons and potential customers. Engagements are through regular updates, comments, likes, sharing, etc. You may also engage customers in a survey to determine the kind of experience they want or they have gotten from your joint.

The sensitivity of the hospitality industry means that a positive vibe will attract more people. The fact that you are engaging means that you are ready to meet the customer halfway. This is the kind of treatment many of these customers are looking for.


  • Inquiries

Customers have questions that they would like answered in real time. For instance, a customer traveling will turn to social media to locate an accommodation provider. He will settle for this provider only if he is ready to answer questions instantly, for instance in the inbox.

The instant or real time nature of social media helps brands to address the concerns of customers and potential clients within the shortest time. This will build confidence in your hospitality brand and thus make you more attractive.


  • Trending

Do you want to notify the world about your new brand? Get it on social media. Create an impressive image or video and be ready to see it go viral. Images and videos that trend increase the popularity of a place. For a post, image or video to trend, it must not be deliberate.

At time, you will just be surprised by the reception what you thought was an ordinary post or comment receives. You may also turn to memes and animations that will pass your message. The hospitality industry will benefit immensely from being the talk of ‘social media town’.


It is impossible for the hospitality industry to ignore the power of social media marketing in building its brand. You need expert assistance to maximize on the potential of social media. This is minimalist investment that produces huge returns. As people look for the best experience in the hospitality industry, social media is positioned to provide real time and instant answers at a fraction of the conventional cost.