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Social Media Marketing: How To Better Connect With Your Audience

Social media engagement is one metric that marketers value and track on a constant basis. Engagement is the essence of social media and as such, it is an excellent indicator of whether or not your social media marketing campaign is effective.

Get this right and you’re sure to develop meaningful relationships with current and potential customers.

Below are 5 strategies on how to engage with your audience to boost your engagement rate and your online presence across your platforms. 



  • Have a social media strategy


Being on social media is not about following online trends. You need to know why you’re getting involved, how you want to use it to help your business and what goals you want to achieve.

Do you want to provide fast customer support? Raise brand awareness? Generate sales? All of them?

A social media strategy will act as a blueprint and will guide your organisation into making better and more effective decisions – and ultimately help achieve your goals.


  • Know your audience


Probably one of the most important elements of your strategy. The degree to which you know your audience will let you better determine their preferences, behaviours, needs and pain points.

By providing value, you are able to build better, longer-lasting relationships with them.

As a rule of thumb, prioritise a niche audience over achieving a high follower count.  This will drive a higher engagement rate and you will build a stronger and more organic online presence.


  • Tell interesting stories


Instead of repurposing the same old topics used by your competitors, show your audience that you’ve got something unique and valuable to offer.

Make sure your social media content and conversations are true to your brand personality and values. People want to engage with interesting stories that they can relate or aspire to.


  • Content strategy is essential


Content is key to your social media campaign.

Besides photos and videos, consider other types of content such as blogs, infographics, live videos and video stories for example. These are sure to create a more engaging experience for your audience.

Create quality content that will encourage users to engage with your brand. The value they get from your content strategy will drive engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares, amongst others.

Comments are conversation starters while shares can help you attract more advocates and potential customers.

A useful tip is to find the right balance between your created content and curated content that convey the same message and represent your brand.


  • Be reactive and proactive


Define clear reactive tactics on how your business will react to direct messages (DM’s), comments and @mentions for example. This also includes current and viral events as these would be already top of mind of your audience

Being reactive is all about conversing about topics that are important to them.

As this is a quite dynamic aspect of your strategy, it can also display how quick you are to respond to those occurrences.   

On the other hand, engagement is much more than addressing concerns. It is an opportunity to nurture relationships with your current and potential audience.

Find and monitor those conversations with potential customers and advocates that you can leverage to build or strengthen your brand’s image.


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