Social Media Marketing For the Travel Industry

People make decisions on tourism and travel based on the information available to them. Social media has transformed the way people communicate with specific attention to their access to information and sharing it among their associates. Elements like commenting, liking, sharing, reacting, double-tapping, etc are now the metric used to measure the amount of fun people are having with tourism attractions.

The ‘real time’ element of social media also allows friends to follow your travel and vacation and judge the kind of experience you are having. If this is the case, how can hotels and attractions harness the power of social media to their advantage?


  • Show The Experience

People today are more interested in the experience as opposed to material goods. Social media has a way of hyping the experience. The best experience will attract the highest level of engagement. People will like, share, retweet, comment, react, double-tap, etc on the post of a person who seems to have the best experience.

It is upon the attractions and travel companies to emphasis on the kind of experience people are having on their platforms. People engage about the experience which attracts more people to your location.


  • Influencers

Social media today is about the person with the highest number of followers, most comments, most likes, etc. It is also about the person whose post can go viral. This is where you take advantage of popular social media users to promote your brand. Influencers enable you to tap into their networks and improve your visibility.

They also endorse your product and create a buzz around it. This will result in increased sales and brand recognition.


  • Tap Into The Social Ecosystem

Social media has been proven to influence the decisions people make about buying. This is supported by the understanding that social media is an ecosystem. It is a place where people and decisions are influenced by what others are doing or saying. If a friend has a nice shoe that you love, you will inquire about the brand, where it was bought, the price, etc with the aim of purchasing a similar one.

Tour and travel companies need to tap into this ecosystem. Some of the social media elements you can use include location, images, ‘live’, videos, etc. The fact that hundreds of millions access social media on daily basis and are logged in at all times increases the chances of visibility.


  • Point Of Contact

When people see the experience other people are having on social media, they want to get more details. This is your opportunity to covert by being available on social media. Have an account where people can turn to whenever they need information about your tour company or a destination.

Be ready to answer through inbox, comments, chats, etc. They should not struggle going to your website and having to call. If you are available at their finger tips, you will get that business.

Social media has a ‘real time’ element that will transform fortunes for your attraction or travel company. Take advantage of the features provided to increase visibility and improve contact with potential clients. Use a reliable social media agency in Melbourne as a source of information and be ready to convert inquiries into business.