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The Benefits of User-Generated Content and Tips on Best Practices

User-generated content (UGC) can benefit both the customer and the business. It’s considered “modern-day digital word-of-mouth”.


What is user-generated content?

To refresh your memory on user-generated content, head over to our previous blog post. But, in summary, UGC consists of any form of content such as text, images, videos, reviews created and put out there by unpaid contributors. By the public, rather than the brand. 

UGC can be essential in any social media strategy. Here, we will explain the benefits of UGC and tips on best practices for sharing content from others. 

The benefits of user-generated content

As Neil Patel states:

“UGC is a marketing goldmine”. 

UGC and social media platforms go hand in hand. Incorporating UGC into social media can be a great strategy to help build brand awareness and online presence. Also, a great way to interact with your customers and build an online community.

Social media posts that include UGC can tend to draw more engagement than standard posts.

The benefits are endless. Just to name a few, it can help increase social traffic and extend your reach. It can also help promote authenticity and establish trust with the customer. 

Best practices for sharing user-generated content

Ask for permission

It’s definitely a good idea to reach out to the original creator for permission before re-sharing their content. Shooting them a message or email is the way to go.

Re-sharing other people’s content on your platform can show your appreciation as a brand and get them excited that you get to share it with your audience as well.

Credit the original owner

Providing proper credit to the owner is an important way to recognise their work. When re-sharing posts on social media platforms, be sure to directly include their name, tag or link. 

Learn from posted content

Be sure to look at what’s being posted and what people are saying about your brand. It can be a great feedback tool. Examining feedback can help assist in making decisions and see what aspects can be improved.

Taking advantage in UGC can help boost your brand and become an essential part of a social media strategy. It’s just as important to think and discuss what your customers are saying about you, the positive and negative.

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