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The Social Media Marketing Funnel

Understanding the eCommerce Consumer

Social media has revolutionised marketing and persists to play a crucial role in any eCommerce marketing strategy. These days having a great social presence simply doesn’t cut it. Your social media marketing strategy needs to be centred around a funnel to ensure you’re continuing to turning prospectives into conversions. 


So, what exactly is a social media marketing funnel?

A social media marketing funnel is a process for your business that tracks the journey your customers will follow from the moment they become aware of who you are as a business to the moment they make a final action (conversion).

Understanding this process and planning your social media strategy around it will allow you to create marketing messages for each stage of the funnel and establish a stronger social media content strategy for your eCommerce business.


Awareness: The first step of your eCommerce funnel involves prospective followers getting to know your business and what you’re selling.  They may have heard of your business but don’t understand your brand story and what you’re selling completely. At this stage, you should be strategically planning how you’re going to educate them on your eCommerce business, persuading them why they should want to make a purchase or sign up with you. 


Engagement: The next step involves engaging with your followers via social media updates, posts and comments. Every time your followers see one of your posts on their feed or have a positive conversion with you via comments or direct message, you are passively selling them your brand and what you have to offer.


Consideration: The consideration step is one of the most crucial parts of the funnel. This is where your prospective consumers are making their final decision, comparing you to your competitors and possibly asking questions about your product/service on social media.


Conversion: At this stage, users have made the decision to click on a social media ad or product buy button, ultimately making the decision to purchase your product. These users could be followers who came across your social media ad or they could be users that were targeted during a remarketing campaign. 


What is remarketing?

Running a social media remarketing campaign can target anyone who goes on your website on social media, redirecting them back to your site. If they click off your website without making a purchase, you can run a remarketing ad that they will see on social media.

Bring them back to your site with special discounts or remind them that they abandoned their cart. If they did purchase, you can target an ad towards them to make another purchase and upsell to your existing customers.


Loyalty: At the final stage of the funnel your one-purchase customers turn into loyal customers that return to purchase time and time again.

What’s the next step for your eCommerce business?

Now that we’ve guided you through the journey your consumers will go through, it’s time to fine-tune your social media marketing strategy and ensure you’re making the best decisions for each step of the funnel that effectively sell your business and improve your relationship with your consumers, so that you’re maintaining and growing in loyal eCommerce consumers.

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