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Social media marketing can be a challenging landscape to navigate. Too many businesses find themselves paying for marketing campaigns that never produce. We bring a fresh approach to digital marketing. It starts with care.

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It’s time you start demanding more from your marketing. Social Connection will help you turn impact into real results with campaigns and strategies that really work. Don’t leave it to chance anymore. Experience the difference that innovation, creativity, and proven strategies can make for your business. Social Connection is where real impact starts.

The Value of Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation is a system used by companies all over the world to improve their website’s performance and improve effectiveness of website visitors. 

A valuable tool, conversion rate optimisation converts website visitors to customers and should be adopted by every business to ensure you are getting the most out of your website.

By improving the user’s experience on the website, you can attract more customers to your business and enhance customer engagement.

Conversion rate optimisation is all about process-driven user engagement – eg. convincing users to input their details and sign up for a website’s newsletter.

Promoting users to actively engage in the website’s material will drive more traffic to the site’s content and eventually convert these passive users into active customers.

Effective use of of conversion rate optimisation will boost your overall website engagement, as well as improve future benchmarking success and re-engage returning visitors.

According to Hubspot, this is best done by creating content that converts visitors to customers, optimising high performing posts and by adjusting the focus, relevance and subject matter of the website’s landing page.

A high-performing landing page will entice visitors to stick around and engage more with the website’s content.

There are a number of techniques used by businesses to drive their website’s conversion rate optimisation.

According to VWO, calls to action such as adding value to offers and creating urgency are two of the most effective tools. Calls to action give the visitor incentive to continue navigating the website and promote further and future engagement with the company.

VWO suggests using real images rather than stock photos, stating that people like to deal with people; not websites. By using relevant and purposeful images you can promote website credibility and encourage customer satisfaction.

By targeting visitors’ human interest and curiosity you can drive more visitors to your website.

Using real customer endorsements, especially from credible and professional customers who have relevant expertise, will help to prompt site visitors to trust a company. A website that provides testimonials to back up a brand’s claims will market more effectively than one that does not.

VWO also suggests providing easily accessible and visible contact details to the customer. By displaying a relevant phone number or email address in a prominent position on the landing page (e.g. homepage header), you can promote website credibility and make it easier for potential customers to get in contact.

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