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Tips to Boost your social media marketing

It’s time to get back to basics. Social media marketing may sound easy but many have tumble upon their feet and fail at engaging as many audiences as they would perhaps like to. So you may think of quitting…

But sadly, the opportunity you’re missing out if you quit from social media is insurmountable so it goes to say that it’s not an option. Instead, let’s look back at what you may have been failing to do so that you can get back into the game!

1. Are you sharing the right content?

If all your posts are mainly filled with sales posts and call-to-actions, it’s time to revamp your whole feed. People want actual content. They can be funny, educational or even inspirational. Limit your sales post to once in a while.

2. Are you optimizing your social media posts?

Perform keyword research beforehand. Why? High-conversion keywords help out a lot in enabling your post to rank higher and thereby reaching a wider range of audience. Reaching out to more audience equals more success in your social media marketing.

3. Are you interacting with your audience?

No one likes to feel neglected and interacting with your customers have never been easier with social media. Make sure to thank those who are sharing your content, reply to those who are commenting on your post and even giving shoutouts to those who are really making a difference to your product. A little gratitude never hurt anybody.

4. Are you building relationships with Influencers?

Influencers are people who have massive outreach through the social media platform and they have a huge amount of trust built on their following. In other words, people trust what they recommend. So, build relationships with these people. Social Media have been made to connect people after all. Bonus point: By building relationships with these people and getting them to try your product, you may be able to expand your target consumers as well as gain this trust factor.

5. Are you consistent?

Posting content on a regular basis is a must in social media marketing. This is to keep your customers engaged. Remember that there are thousands of products out there and your followers probably follow hundreds of brands. This is why it’s so easy for them to forget about yours and another reason as to why scheduling post and being consistent in the top-notch quality post is so important.

6. Start a blog:

Another way to generate a steady stream of content is by adding a blog to your site. This can be an educational blog, introduction to your brand or just stories. Not only is it a way to deliver long content, it is also a way to remind your followers of your existence. Killing two birds with one stone? Perhaps.

These are only a few ways to kickstart your social media marketing efforts. There are heaps of other methods of social media marketing that you may be missing out on.

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