Top 7 Social Media Tools Your Business Needs Right Now

In today’s business world, having a good social media presence is not just an option, it’s a necessity — it’s one of the surest ways to reach out to a wider audience and stand out as an authority. Regardless of whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, being on social media is a big step towards engaging both potential and existing customers in ways you never thought possible.

It’s however important to note that social media can turn out to be a major challenge if you lack proper knowledge or tools. For the most part, your business needs to have the right social media tools especially if you’re looking to be successful in your endeavors — who wouldn’t want to?

So what’s the point?

You need to get a better idea of several different social media agency management tools that are available at your disposal and also learn how they can help you maximize your social media presence.

Here are 8 of the best social media tools available right now.

  1. HubSpot

Today there are quite a number of tools that give you the chance to monitor and publish to social accounts. However, you would want stick to the best for excellent results. HubSpot is an excellent platform that allows you monitor, publish and receive closed-loop reporting data. In essence, you’ll not only get to see what channels drive higher engagement, but also get the chance to learn more about the posts and channels that bring the most leads and sales.

  1. HootSuite

Looking for an easy way to handle multiple accounts? Go for HootSuite! With this tool, you can easily add accounts, schedule posts and add account managers — what could be better?

Moreover, HootSuite boasts an excellent training platform that teaches you just about everything you need to know about social media marketing as well as how to make the most of the tools. It’s s must-have for your business if you’re serious about social media.

  1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is one super handy tool that has been around for a pretty long time now, and the good thing is, it has been doing a great job! It’s actually one of the best ways to keep up with Twitter — it makes it exceptionally easy to follow multiple conversations at a time and that’s huge. Also, TwitterDeck makes scheduling content a walk in the park! What more could you ask for?

  1. MeetEdgar

There’s no doubt that you’ve come across countless tools that helps you post and schedule posts — this is great. But how about kicking it up a notch with a system that shares evergreen posts? We’re pretty sure you’ll want that! MeetEdgar is sure to be your best bet thanks to its ability to automatically reshare your evergreen content — its effect has a huge impact on traffic.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is yet another tool that allows you manage social media posts across several different channels. It’s also good to point out that Buffer lets you customize each post for the individual platforms it gets posted to. That’s not all — this tool also shares your content at the best possible times and still goes ahead to track links so you can get a better idea of the content that gets the most traction.

  1. Google Analytics

Relevant data is critical to the success of your social media marketing, and there’s no better tool that gives you more the answers you need and more like Google Analytics. For the most part, Google Analytics manages your business social media. The data you gather from this priceless tool helps you focus your efforts on platforms that are actually driving traffic and conversions.

  1. Sprout Social

Essentially, Sprout Social is an amazing tool which you can use to streamline real-time communication. Your company’s digital team can use the tool to keep an eye on clients’ social media mentions, schedule content ahead of time and utilize reporting tools to plan future strategies. It’s sure to make your social media marketing efforts as smooth and easy as can be.

These are some of the best social media tools your business needs right now — each of them have a way of making things a whole lot easier for you, and that’s what matters.

So which is your best tool on the list? Have you ever tried any of them? We’ll be thrilled to know your thoughts in the comments!