Why It’s Still Important For Your Business To Advertise On Facebook

Facebook is arguably the place where social media marketing began. Facebook is the largest social network in the world with more than 2.20 billion active users and is here to stay (there is no sign that Facebook is slowing down anytime soon). Not advertising on Facebook simply isn’t an option for your business.

With such a large potential audience on Facebook, how do you target your advertising effectively? Facebook has three basic tools that can be used by anyone for the sole purpose of marketing; pages, ads and groups. Facebook offers a fantastic targeted advertising platform. You can create ads targeted at ages, educational levels, even the types of devices used for browsing (mobile, laptop).

Having a Facebook page is a great marketing opportunity for businesses. A Facebook page is the perfect place for your business to develop its brand identity and place to show your human side. You can share images, links and videos that are connected to your business, which your audience will also want to engage with. Facebook offers the opportunity to advertise with Facebook ads, which are also referred to as ‘marketplace ads’, which include copy and click-through links to a particular website. Utilising Facebook ads will your business drive website clicks, as Facebook offers numerous capabilities including demographic targeting, the ability to set ad budgets, ad testing and built in performance measurement tools, to zero in on your audience. These features will allow you to interact with your audience and forming relationships that may result in future sales.

Facebook offers a Promoted Posts capability solely for businesses. Facebook page owners need to pay a flat rate for their individual posts to reach a certain amount of viewers, which in turn increases a specific posts reach and amount of impressions. If a fan of your business happens to look at their feed when you post content, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be swamped by lots of other posts. However, promotional posts increases the chances your business will be seen in a user’s newsfeed.

Sponsored stories are another type of Facebook ad that shows a user’s interactions to their friends. Sponsored stories capitalise on the word of mouth marketing concept. If a user sees that a few of their friends like a certain page, they are more inclined to like the page themselves. You can utilise Sponsored stories to show users to show that their friends have liked the page of your business or show that their friends have claimed an offer advertised on your website.

Even though Facebook may no longer be the newest social media platform around, not advertising your business on the platform is a huge mistake. Facebook offers a multitude of marketing capabilities including pages, ads, groups, Facebook ads, Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories, which can do wonders for promoting your business and creating further audience engagement.