Why More Brands are Creating Video Content


As the number of businesses marketing via video increases, so does the competition and importance of effective implementation of video content.

In comparison to other types of social media posts, videos tend to generate the most engagement. Video content gives businesses the greatest opportunity to grasp the audience’s interest and explain a product or concept, generally in a more engaging way than a block of text would permit.

In 2018, how can businesses continue to produce and generate engaging video content, while also maintaining interest in such a competitive market?

Video usage is on the rise according to Wyzowl’s 2018 Video Marketing Statistics Survey, with 81% of businesses using video as a marketing tool, up 18% from 2017.

Based on statistics gathered by surveying 570 unique respondents in December 2017, the survey results state that YouTube remains the most popular (and most effective) sharing platform for video content. LinkedIn video content was predicted to grow significantly, with a 17% rise from those using it in 2017, and those planning to in 2018.

How people consume content is simple: the more engaging the post, the more likes, comments and shares the post generates. Thinking along a similar line, it’s important to note the engagement value of some types of social media posts: text-based posts will generate some revenue, while picture posts receive more clicks. Finally come video posts, which generate the most engagement of the three main types of social media post.

According to YouTube Official Blog, one in five users are spending over an hour a day (on average) watching YouTube videos. According to Social Media News, around 15 million unique Australians visit the YouTube website every month. The significance of these two statistics is the clear volume and popularity of video content.

Since the rise of YouTube’s popularity in the mid-2000s, video content has shown to be a significant booster for social engagement and promotional material.

However, creating effective video content to market to your brand’s audience isn’t as easy as 1-2-3.

Effective marketing and creation of video content is key when promoting a brand. Creating effective video content means more money and resources going into marketing, however if the final product doesn’t successfully promote the service or business then it is ineffective – even more so than if video content was never produced.

According to Wyzowl’s findings, 95% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, with 81% convinced to buy a product or service, and 69% of people convinced to buy a piece of software or application after watching video content.

Though more time and money consuming, based on these statistics it’s impossible to ignore the effectiveness of video content to promote a business, brand, or product.

Finally, according to Wyzowl’s statistics, 85% of people say they’d like to see more video from brands in 2018. It’s clear that video content is what audiences, consumers and customers want most, so why not give it to them?

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Guest post by Sophie Taylor

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