How to Sell More Using Social Media Marketing?

social media marketing

As a small business owner, there are various ways to promote your brand or products. By using a social media marketing agency, you can reach a wider audience and it’s free too.

When participating on social media as an ecommerce brand, you focus on customer’s perception of your brand.

To successfully drive sales for your business, you need to invest in social media efforts or campaigns.

Spending too much time worrying about perception is not going to generate revenue. Your business needs to take the time to craft and implement social media strategies.

Here are some ways to increase sales using social media:

  1. Content, content, content!

In the past, if your brand had an active online presence, you were already ahead of most businesses.

However, at the present time, you have to do more than just that. Being on social media isn’t sufficient to attract potential customers.

To get ROI from your efforts, you have to implement strategies that help you stand out from your competition. You can do so by establishing yourself as an authority with content.

In order to drive engagement on social media, you can’t just promote your products; you have to post relevant content that your followers will find valuable.

There is great value in creating and sharing your own content. When you share your own original content (blog posts, videos, and photos) with your followers on social media, you are able to:

-       Establish your brand voice in the industry. You’re presenting yourself to your audience as a company that knows their problems and the solutions to their problems.

-       Build trust with customers. Your audience can see that you’re willing to help them, although they aren’t quite ready to buy yet.

-       Stand out from other brands selling similar products. By creating original content, you show what makes your brand and products special.

  1. Choice of Channels

When e-commerce businesses participate in social media, they tend to invest in too many channels. This can be a costly mistake!

When you participate in too many social media channels, it can become difficult to consistently engage with your followers.

To drive sales from social media, you are better off taking time to identify one or two channels that your target customers uses the most, and creating strategies for those channels.

There are a few ways to decide which social media channels to invest in:

-       Ask your customers which site they use the most in surveys, and offer a coupon or promo code in return for participation.

-       Look for specific demographic information of each social media channel, and find the one that aligns best with the demographics of your ideal consumers.

-       Research on which social media sites drive the most sales, based on your industry and product type.

If your customers spend most of their time on Instagram, put most of your time, energy and budget into Instagram.

  1. Hire Professionals

You need to make your followers believe that your company is legitimate and the products you offer are top-notch, so that they would buy from you.

One of the best ways to quickly build trust with online customers is by utilising high-quality photos and graphics from professional photographers and designers.

If you don’t have a full-time photographer or designer on staff, you should consider hiring them as they ease the process of integrating high quality content into your social media strategy.

  1. Engage Consistently

Social media isn’t meant to be just another advertising channel for your business. The purpose is to communicate and engage with customers.

You should use social media channels to post updates, links and promo codes. At the same time, you should also take the time to respond to queries, thank customers, and be available when customers come to you for help.

Social media management and follower engagement does not have to be complicated. You can dedicate 30 minutes every day to do this.

To save time, you can use scheduling tools like Buffer, which helps you to schedule an entire week’s worth of content in an hour. Buffer will help you post the scheduled updates every day, so you can spend more time interacting with your followers. When your followers see you regularly engaging on social media, it builds the customers’ confidence and trust in your business.

  1. Pay-to-Play

To drive actual sales from social media, you need to be willing and able to spend on advertising campaigns. This is true especially for ecommerce businesses that are trying to get more ROI from social media.

You are missing out on a big opportunity if you aren’t using social media to advertise to drive more traffic to your online store. If you’re interested in setting up initial paid campaigns, it is recommended to start with Facebook as it has built-in powerful targeting tools, and the cost is relatively low.

  1. Power of Video

Another great way to stand out and grab the attention of your target audience is by investing more resources into video. Currently, online consumers spend most of their time on video consumption.

Many brands are using videos to engage with and advertise to consumers. There are many video ideas that you can incorporate into your digital content marketing:

-       Product promotional videos

-       Storytelling videos (featuring your employees and/or customers)

-       Educational (how-to) videos about your products

-       Live streaming video that allows you to engage with your followers in real-time

  1. Track Everything

In order to understand which social media strategies drive the most ROI and sales for your online business, you need to track and analyse the data on a regular basis. You should be tracking data from within the social media tools, while using Google Analytics and other tools to track traffic and conversion rates.

Use a master spreadsheet to keep track of everything. To drive the most ROI, allocate some time each month to evaluate your metrics and what changes you’d like to make to your social media strategy.