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3-30x Returns On Your Marketing Investment!​

Social Connection: Where Real Impact is measured not by possibilities, but by tangible results.

It isn’t something left to chance or attained by accident. It comes through innovation and creative strategy. It takes an understanding of trends and a proven track record to turn a vision into results.

Bringing more than a decade of measured success helping businesses achieve greater impact, Social Connection guarantees real marketing results to businesses in need of a boost.

Social media marketing can be a challenging landscape to navigate. Too many businesses find themselves paying for marketing campaigns that never produce. We bring a fresh approach to digital marketing. It starts with care.

We care about your goals. By understanding your business needs and goals, we are able to analyze the trends and markets that can help power your business to lasting success. We are so confident in our results-focused approach, that we are the only social media agency who guarantees results, or we’ll work for free!

The foundation of our confident approach is the team of dedicated professionals we bring to the table. With expertise in creative content and navigating the complicated world of online marketing, we deliver results ranging from 3 times to 30 times your campaign spending. And with no locked-in contracts, you enjoy the freedom and flexibility you deserve from your marketing solutions.

It’s time you start demanding more from your marketing. Social Connection will help you turn impact into real results with campaigns and strategies that really work. Don’t leave it to chance anymore. Experience the difference that innovation, creativity, and proven strategies can make for your business. Social Connection is where real impact starts.

Social Connection Marketing Solutions

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Agency
In Melbourne – Guaranteed Results

Why Social Connection For Instagram Marketing?

  • We’re a results focused Instagram marketing agency. We guarantee increase in targeted followers, reach, engagement and eventually sales.
  • No lock in long term contracts, you enjoy growth month after month.
  • We design beautiful Instagram feeds using a custom theme based on your brand.
  • We offer high quality photography and Video production services to ensure your content stands out.
  • We offer both Instagram engagement and Instagram management services at affordable rates.


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Increased our sales dramatically since starting with Social Connection. Professional and highly attentive team.

Very professional and thorough work. Their style of SEO is much better than the last company we hired. We’ve gotten great results in just a few months.

Social Connection

Our Instagram
Marketing Process

We discuss your marketing objectives and what you like to achieve with Instagram marketing. We then develop a marketing strategy to get your brand maximum exposure.

Our Instagram engagement begins, we research and identify potential customers and competitor’s followers and we strategically engage with them to generate lots of interest and great results.

We work with you to design a beautiful Instagram feed that incorporates your content and other relevant designs to ensure maximum creativity. We proceed to publish content on your behalf with the right hashtags, captions etc.

Instagram Management & Marketing Packages

Instagram has grown tremendously. It’s forecast to have 1 billion users within the next few years. Research has shown more users are moving from Facebook to Instagram. A reputable Instagram marketing company should be regularly up to date with the latest and best practice.
800 million+ active users (monthly)

Brands that are looking to tell their story, can do so effectively using the visual nature of Instagram. Research has shown it’s the #1 Social Media marketing channel for people between the age of 18-40, and it’s the ultimate platform that people use to discover new venues, products and services.

In a recent study they’ve found that Instagram provides at least 7-10x better ROI than Facebook, engagement is also much higher in Instagram and when users follow and engage with a brand, 72% are more likely to purchase.

We use proven Instagram marketing strategies that ensures we target the right audience and increase your brand’s visibility ten folds.

Instagram Management Packages

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms, with approximately 9 million monthly active users in Australia. It is also one of the fastest growing platforms, which is why Instagram can be an extremely useful marketing platform.

Through a management agency, businesses can choose Instagram management packages that complement their marketing goals.  An Instagram management package is a selection of services, designed to market a business through the establishment and management of a professional Instagram account. Services can include scheduling posts, mobilising campaigns, design and content creation, messaging, copywriting, hashtag research, tagging and analytics.

Packages can vary in price and style to suit different needs and marketing goals. Using a tailored Instagram management package will help a business create a strong presence that is consistent with their brand identity at a suitable price point.  

Instagram Specialist

An Instagram specialist can help businesses determine the best way to optimise their Instagram marketing presence.

By using a specialist, businesses can learn how to make their brand relatable and accessible to their target consumers, through curated content and researched hashtags. A business can use an instagram specialist to take advantage of current trends and create partnerships with relevant influencers to boost brand awareness. 

A specialist can develop automation and scheduling of posts, and implement direct shopping opportunities Instagram. This can allow a business to achieve simpler, more effective marketing and sales through the Instagram platform.

A specialist will use expertise and analytics to show a business how to maximise their visibility, reach and engagement on Instagram, which will improve brand awareness and sales. 

Instagram Management Agency

Agencies work with a business to create successful marketing campaigns that benefit from the potential of Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms.  

Many users seek brand content on Instagram to discover and research new products and services. An Instagram management agency can help ensure that a business is seen by their target audience, using researched hashtags and strategies to increase traffic, engagement and conversions. An agency provides knowledge and connections to help a business to launch an Instagram marketing campaign that uses entertaining, popular content and partnerships with influencers to attract new users.

Instagram is an excellent platform for connecting with consumers, but creating and maintaining a marketing campaign can be time-consuming and complicated. With professional advice, Instagram can quickly become a powerful and cost-effective marketing platform for any business.

Instagram Management Melbourne

Instagram marketing was made for Melbourne, and the iconic coffee culture is a perfect example of this. Through Instagram, people in Melbourne share photos of their coffees and brunches every week, geotagging the local cafés, passively influencing their followers to visit. This type of unpaid recommendation and conversation is one of the reasons that Instagram is such a powerful marketing tool.

Whether a business is local or international, using a Melbourne-based Instagram management agency can ensure that all marketing is relatable and accessible for Melbournians and the global market.

Instagram Advertising Agency

Instagram offers different advertising formats to suit a variety of businesses. A business can choose to use stories, photos, videos, and carousel or collection posts to advertise goods and services on Instagram. Through using an Instagram advertising agency, businesses will find support and expert guidance in making these decisions.

An agency can help a business navigate the potential of Instagram advertising. The Instagram platform offers precise advertising based on the demographics and behaviours of users, as well as their location and interests. This can help a business increase their reach through targeted, automated advertising. An Instagram advertising agency can inform an advertising campaign, providing advice and inspiration to help a business achieve any marketing goal. Instagram advertising is an easy and effective way to increase awareness, conversions and sales for your business.

Instagram Marketing Company

An Instagram marketing company can help create custom Instagram content and advertising that is designed to increase reach, engagement and sales. A marketing company can provide high quality management, production and content services that are tailored to your brand and marketing objectives.

A business can quickly establish a strong Instagram presence with the help of a platform-specific marketing company. Advice and implementation of Instagram marketing strategies can lead to the highest level of exposure and awareness for a business. This can be achieved through research; using information about competitors and the market to achieve optimal engagement with target consumers. A marketing company will work with a business to professionally develop their Instagram feed using exciting, engaging and relevant creative strategies and applying integrated marketing techniques.

Using an Instagram marketing company can be an affordable way to save time and guarantee the success of an Instagram marketing campaign.

Instagram Marketing & Management Services


Target The Right Audience

Unlike other social media agencies, we use a more targeted approach to attracting the right people to your account. Using extensive hash tags research and engagement strategy.

100% Real Organic Followers

We strictly use no fake accounts or spam methods. We grow your Instagram account in an organic way. We simply introduce your brand to thousands of real targeted users each month.

Convert Fans to Loyal Customers

Research has demonstrated that on average it takes 7 visits before a consumer decides to purchase your product or visit your store. With our highly targeted Instagram marketing campaigns in addition to creative content strategy we achieve outstanding results.

Instagram Advertising Services

Social Connection delivers cutting edge Instagram advertising services to brands looking for better customer reach and increase brand visibility. We are experts at creating engaging ads that deliver more sales.

Instagram Content Management

We offer highly engaging content creation for your Instagram feed using professional photography and videography services. Ensuring your content generates more engagement and sales.

Grow Your Business Using
Instagram Management!

Instagram Melbourne Agency

We broke down our process into 3 stages.

  • Research your target audience
  • Develop captivating content that will generate engagement and customers
  • Engage with your potential customers and drive them to take action

Our Instagram management services focuses on creative and engaging content creation and publishing on your account. We take care of all hashtags research, caption development, so you can focus on your business.

Instagram works amazingly well for travel, beauty, fashion, hospitality and sports brands. Basically anything that is appealing to look at works really well. Most Instagram users are between the age of 16 – 40.

  • Ensure the Instagram marketing agency has good reviews
  • Do they do the work in-house or outsource?
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • Can they effectively manage and guarantee real growth?

Results can be measured through increase in user engagement, followers and eventually leads and sales. A monthly report will be sent for you to keep track of progress.

We provide high quality photography and video production services to keep you ahead of the trends. Our social media specialists also know how to source relevant and compelling images to add to your profile.

We offer affordable Instagram marketing and management packages to businesses of all sizes. We can customise a solution based on your goals and growth you looking to achieve.

Most definitely. As a reputable Instagram agency we guarantee more engagement, followers and eventually more customers.

Absolutely not. We don’t believe in locking you into a long term contract we rather let our work speak for itself.

We offer service agreements that are 90 days and 120 days to see the full potential of a marketing campaign.

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