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We’re an ROI Focused Video Production Melbourne Company and Video Marketing Specialists.

Social Connection is full service Video Production Melbourne Agency. We also specialise in SEO, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing & CRO, our captivating video production company services in Melbourne are suitable for brands seeking cutting edge promo videos that increase brand awareness, sales and customer loyalty. With a deep focus on delivering results through video. Our combined expertise in digital marketing and video capabilities makes us the go to agency.

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We Produce Creative Videos For Businesses And Organisations.

We pride ourselves in communicating strong messages, captivating stories and creative ideas in all our video production company services. In addition to our extensive experience in building powerful content marketing and video marketing campaigns.

Whether your business needs help in creating an initial video strategy or you already have a clear concept of the type of video you want, our extensive video production Melbourne Company have extensive social media marketing skills. We use a clear and an effective process to navigate you through from initial concept to final product.

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Our Process

Video Production Services:

All About Quality

With the right strategy, video marketing can drive amazing results for your brand. Videos perform exceptionally well on social media, on average they generate 1200% more engagement than any other form of content. Hence why it’s crucial to have the right strategy and execution.

Professional Video Production Company

We have expertise in creating compelling videos that deliver your message effectively and entice your audience to take action resulting in sales. Our strong skill set lies in promotional videos, advertising and short engaging films. We cater to all businesses regardless of industry.

Corporate & Commercial videos

Tailored and personalised video services that communicate your message clearly. We’re able to adjust our storyboard and editing style suited to your brand’s image and business objectives. We have the expertise in producing corporate videos and fast paced engaging video content.

Video Marketing for Social Media

Unlike most traditional video agencies in Melbourne, we offer a complete solution for your business. Combining our creative production skills with our expertise in digital marketing allows your business to achieve outstanding results and a solid ROI via popular social media platforms.

YouTube SEO & Marketing

Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world? If you’re not marketing your video on YouTube, then you will miss out on a great opportunity for your brand. We specilise in organic Video SEO marketing targeting the right keywords allowing your brand maximum exposure.

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Promotional Videography & Marketing in Melbourne

Latest research has shown that a one minute video is worth nearly 2 million words. Compare that to any other form of content and you’ll quickly realise the importance of video as part of your marketing arsenal.

In addition to the fact that consumers can easily recall information from a video than from written content, and the importance of video to your branding efforts becomes undeniable.

At Social Connection, we’ve invested skills and expertise  to create compelling video content that elicits a powerful response from your target audience. Our videography services caters to brands in both B2C and B2B industries, creating strong engagement, leads, and impacting conversions with powerful video campaigns.

The power of digital marketing allows you to broadcast your message to thousands of potential customers easily and at a cost effective rate.  Social Connection’s expertise in video marketing allows us to deliver results focused campaigns that bring in ROI for your business.

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Every successful video agency project needs a well executed strategy. We’ll work with your brand to target the right audience, editing style and message to achieve the desired result.

  • Video strategy
  • Content planning
  • Campaign planning
  • Video brand storyboard


We tailor-make video to your business’s objectives. By combining the best in Video Production Melbourne equipment to cutting edge editing and latest industry applications, we create a masterpiece for your brand.

  • Industry Video Camera
  • Creative ideas
  • Professional Editing
  • Animation
  • Latest post production


Videos are only successful if they’re seen by the right audience, our extensive experience in video marketing ensures we deliver your message to your target audience using the most effective digital channels.

  • Video distribution
  • Video marketing & advertising
  • YouTube SEO & Marketing

Captivate Your Audience and Increase Brand Awareness with Our Powerful Promotional Video Production Melbourne

Is your brand struggling to get attention in the sea of mediocre content? Are you looking for a powerful way to deliver your message to the right audience?

Our promotional videos ensures your business stand out above the competition and entices your target audience to take action. Promo videos need to be engaging, deliver your message quickly and effectively.

Our time-tested process for effective video marketing promotion

The big secret in creating effective promotional videos, Includes: unique and interesting content that connects emotionally with your audience, to compel your ideal customer to take meaningful action. And that’s what Social Connection is all about.

Great promo videos by a Melbourne Video Production Company should deliver results. That’s why we love to work in collaborative partnerships with your brand rather than just being a supplier. Our strategy session is geared to understand your brand better as well as your target market.

Our services — are all about passion, experience and dedication.

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Video Production & Marketing FAQ

We broke down our process into 3 stages.

  • Strategy & Story Board
  • Video Production
  • Video Distribution

This really depends on the final objectives of the video. Promotional videos need to deliver your message quickly and effectively. That is why we recommend anything from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

When considering a videography company, consider the following:

  • Do they fit in with your brand.
  • Do they have marketing experience or SEO.
  • Is there a on-off cost or any hidden fees.

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality videos within a short time frame. Usually the process takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on availability of content and post editing.

Most definitely, we ensure you’re completely satisfied with the end result. We offer 1 complimentary round of revision with all our videos and any extra changes are charged accordingly.

Our services are tailored to your objectives. We offer affordable and customised video production and marketing services. Get a Free quote today.

Absolutely. This is our area of expertise. Our video marketing services are results driven to ensure maximum exposure and brand awareness.

We only use professional grade video cameras and lenses. A mix of portable and fixed equipment to ensure we deliver the desired result.

About Us:

Social Connection is a Melbourne video production company with a unique edge. Our talented team of videographers in Melbourne are well equipped with the latest gear to shoot high quality videos for your brand that captivates your audience and drive conversions and sales.

Video Marketing Melbourne

Our unique advantage is that we have extensive digital & social media marketing experience. Which allows your brand to not only a professional video but rather a video that pushes your brand further, entices users to take action and eventually build solid trust and credibility.

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The Processes Of Our Video Production Company

After weeks of research, you may still be on the fence whether you should hire a video production Melbourne company. You want to make sure hiring a video production company will be worthwhile. Don’t fret! Here is an outline of what goes on in the video production process here at Social Connection to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth.

Planning & Strategy

  1. Set clear objectives

What do you want to achieve with your video content? It is crucial to map out your ultimate goal. You can’t reach your goal without first deciding on what it is. Make sure your objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound).

If you’re struggling to define what you want to achieve, try thinking about the problems that you want to solve in your business using video. Also, consider the measures of success you will need to track how quickly you achieve your objectives.

  1. Research audience & market

It is essential to conduct thorough research into your target audience, so we can create video content that appeals to and engages them, Here at Social Connection, we help by trying to gain insights into your audience – what their common problems are, etc.

  1. Decide core message

Once a solid research on your target audience is done, we then decide on the core message of your video content. So, what do you want your audience to do after watching your video? What do you want them to think? How do you want them to feel? These questions help you determine the core message of your video will be. It is important to keep the messages to a minimum in a video, as the more messages your video has, the higher the risk of confusing your audience.


  1. Develop creative idea & story

It’s time to come up with a creative idea or concept for your video content. In this step, our team will work together with yours to brainstorm ideas. Our aim is to create an interesting and engaging way of presenting your core message, which will help achieve your objectives. This usually involves determining the type of videos that will suit your brand, whether it be promotional videos, explainer videos, or mobile video content.

  1. Script and storyboard

The creative idea that you have decided on will heavily influence the writing of the script for the video. You can leave this task to us as it is a very important and specialised task. After writing the script, we proceed to creating a storyboard. This helps us to visualise how your video will be shot. The script and the storyboard serve as the blueprint for your video content. This is followed by the planning and scheduling the video shoot.


  1. Film, animate & edit

Leave this to our in-house professionals! We have the best equipment and cutting edge editing software to help you create THE video.

Marketing – Measure success

Our extensive experience in video marketing ensures we deliver your message to your target audience through the most effective digital channels. We also promote the video to where your audience will see it. After your video has been distributed, we need to make sure the video metrics are ready to help measure the success of the video content.

Has this post answered your questions? If so, what are you waiting for? Time to get started on producing your video content! It’ll definitely help you stay ahead of your competition

Creating a Promo Using a Video Production Melbourne Company

With the growth in the popularity of online video content, video is certainly one of the fastest growing and most valuable ad formats available. Every brand can benefit from promoting their business using video as video content captures the target audience’s attention, and generates engagement.

Promotional videos are one of the best form of video content that your brand can produce because consumers desire short, engaging films.

If you are planning to introduce video into your business strategy but don’t know how to, don’t worry we’re here to help! Social Connection provides promotional video production services that aim to help your business to stand out, and to entice your target audience to take action.

Before producing a promotional video, we need to determine the goals of your video. The team at Social Connection will work closely with your company to identify the purpose and strategic objectives of the promotional video production Melbourne company like Social Connection.

Once the objectives have been ruled out, we proceed to outlining the idea for the promotional video. Our team will work together with yours to brainstorm ideas. In this process, we will also determine the direction for the promotional video production in Melbourne.

Possible directions include introductory videos, explanatory videos, product-focused, informative and many more. Once the creative idea has been decided on, we will start creating a storyboard. This helps us to visualise how the video will be shot. This process is then followed by the planning and scheduling of the video shoot. Leave the filming and editing to our in-house

After finalising the video edits, your video is now ready to be distributed. We make sure your video reaches your target audience through the most effective channels.

If you have not integrated a video production Melbourne into your marketing strategy, it’s definitely time to get started! Contact us today to find out more!

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