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viral video marketing agency

We We're Able To Achieve 600,000 people reach, 160,000 video views, 1,000 shares, 6,100 likes and Hundreds of Comments in Less Than 5 Days.

What is Viral Video Marketing?

It is a marketing approach that utilises social networking and other tools to promote brand awareness, products and/or services, or to achieve other marketing objectives like increase product sales or generate marketing buzz.

This form of marketing relies on the audience to share the video, whether it be delivered by word of mouth or through social networking.

Viral video marketing is very much a message that spreads to other people because people like it or react strongly to it in some other ways, and they choose to pass it on to others.

Why Use Viral Video Marketing?

Viral video marketing generates great brand awareness with a wide reach across many audiences. A viral marketing campaign can be used to communicate a specific message to a very receptive audience.

Viral videos obtain a huge amount of views and because of this, companies can generate massive publicity and easily gather data on potential customers. Viral marketing can also be great for maintaining and improving your brand’s reputation. In addition, viral video marketing campaigns are great source of traffic for your website, and they help with SEO since Google incorporates social engagement into their ranking algorithm.

Essentially, viral video marketing is much more cost-effective than your average television advertisement. To get an ad play time on television is very expensive, as opposed to using YouTube to host these viral videos, which happens to be free of charge!

It is a known fact that video marketing is a highly engaging promotional tool. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to make purchases after watching the video content on a company’s website.

This can also be applied to viral video marketing whereby the audience will be more likely to engage with the brand when they watch a viral promotional video from the brand.